Look What Happened To White Guy Who Ate Bacon A Little Too Close To Muslims Women – This Is SICK

This just in, the “you have got to be kidding me story of the day” belongs to a man who was arrested for eating bacon too close to a woman wearing a hijab – all of this done at expert levels while riding a train.

That’s right folks. Peter Sweden on Twitter reported this news story from a source not located in America. A man was literally arrested, in his own country, for eating his delicious bacon snack a little too close to a Muslim train passenger. All of this happening on a train and the other passengers are probably glad the Muslim woman didn’t do something crazy like throw it off the rails with a pint of dynamite. Not trying to be stereotypical, but….

Since when is food a bad a thing? And since when do we get offended by what other people eat? Offended so badly that they get arrested for it? Oh darn, we can’t eat bacon in front of a Muslim because they might throw a fit and blow something up? Do Muslim people forget the horrible things that they do that offend the rest of the planet?

Where do we start?

Marrying children?

Beating their wives?

Murdering gays?

Beheading kids in the street for listening to Western pop music?

But they want to be offended by bacon?

What is this, a bad PETA commercial?

A pig is just another delicious animal that people eat in hopes to survive. What’s the difference from one animal to the next? They all live outside, can’t wipe their own butt, and are probably covered in fleas. Yet we eat them because living a life of lettuce just isn’t any fun. Healthy, but not the most exciting dish over a BBQ pit.

If a Muslim person sat next to me on a train and ate a food that I didn’t agree with (TOFU), then I wouldn’t care. It’s YOUR choice to eat that food and I hope you enjoy it. I would have a problem if someone smelled like body odor, but I don’t care what people eat. Muslims shouldn’t care about other people’s food habits either.

There really is no need for us to have these nonsense problems. We’re all human, start acting like it.

You enjoy your foods. I’ll enjoy mine. We can get along just fine.

Read more of my news commentary on Freedom Daily and Trending Views. There’s only two genders.

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