Look How Many Voters Now Support a Ban on Muslims Into The U.S. after Orlando Jihad!

Donald Trump has been castigated in the media for his proposed ban on Muslims coming into the United States in spite of recent terrorist attacks across the world. But it seems new polling might indicate more people agree with him than disagree.

Trump has received pushback from almost all Democratic politicians including Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan.

A Reuters poll shows support for a temporary ban on Muslim entry into America. The poll shows 50% of potential voters support a temporary halt on Muslim’s coming into the United States after the Orlando, Florida terrorist attack. But a measly 42% are against a temporary ban.

At the beginning of the month 40% of potential voters were in favor of a ban while 54% were opposed. Showing a stark increase over the month. The surveys were taken before the Orlando massacre meaning the terrorist attack had nothing to do with survey results. However, if new polls are taken the percentage of people in favor of a ban on Muslim entry into the United States will likely increase even more.

The survey asks voters whether or not they agreed with the statement: “The United States should temporarily stop all Muslims from entering the United States.”

After the Orlando attack Trump emphasized his belief again that Muslim’s should be banned from the United State’s while immigration from countries with a history of radical Islam should be curbed completely. He blamed the Obama administration for not following through more vigorously with immigration laws.

Unfortunately, screening countries with a history of radical Islamic teaching is rather arbitrary and ambiguous as their isn’t a known effective measuring stick to define what that means. Their is no plausible way to do so.

Trump will likely continue gaining more support as a result of the recent attacks and his stance on Muslim immigration.

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