Trump Just Humiliated Obama With BRUTAL Thing Proud Sailor Caught On His Phone After Awesome Navy Speech

President Trump landed on the USS Gerald R. Ford today and delivered a speech to thousands of sailors and shipbuilders who awaited his arrival on the impressive military aircraft carrier. His powerful remarks about bringing strength back to the service was well received as cheers roared through the below-deck hangar. Then, as soon as he finished delivering this incredible message, something astonishing happened on the ship that everyone seemed to miss.

The military was greatly diminished and disregarded under Barack Obama who repeatedly proved that he has zero respect for these brave men and women and the important sacrifice they make in protecting our nation. So when our new Commander-in-Chief arrived in style like a boss, it was a sight for sore eyes for the sailors who received a message that they’ve been waiting eight years to hear.

The Daily Mail reports that Trump announced that he’s calling on Congress to repeal legislation that reduced the Pentagon’s budget under the Obama administration, and put $54 million back into it to keep our military the strongest in the world. He’s fulfilling his campaign promises yet again, and in perhaps one of the most important ways needed right now, as to defend our nation against the enemies his predecessor befriended. At the conclusion of his incredible speech, the camera recording it panned out and caught something amazing.

Look At The INCREDIBLE Thing Everyone Missed Right After Trump's Powerful Speech To The Navy Today

Every sailor in the room was hanging on Trump’s every powerful word and promise, while recording it with their phones as they beamed in pride for their capable new leader. This is a stark contrast to Obama’s final military speech he gave to an empty auditorium, since soldiers had lost all respect and faith in him who had showed them  gross disrespect for eight years. Now, our military’s morale is through the roof as they finally have a Commander-in-Chief they can count on and respect.


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