Look Who Just Endorsed Hillary Clinton And The Media Is COMPLETELY Silent

Every one went nuts when Ku Klux Klan member endorsed Donald Trump. He recieved immense criticism for the support. But now the mainstream liberal media has remained silent on Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon William Quigg’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

He said,

“White lives matter I mean everyone’s uh on black lives matter and all that. We’re not the old clan. Well this just goes to show how immature they are. Came here for a piece of protest, they came and jump on us.”

He denied his belief of white supremacy and the clans connection to hatred and violence.

“No we are not white supremacists. That is back from the 1800’s and the 1960’s. We are a different clan? We are a Christian, civil rights, white organization.”

I’m sure those who were lynched during Jim Crowe between the 1920’s and 1950’s would probably disagree. He said,

“Well with Martin Luther King he was a communist. [Adolf Hitler] He was a great man at the beginning, he brought Germany out from a the slums and made it a superpower. It was not six million Jews. There was not six million Jews. Their were not even six million Jews in Europe.”

It’s unfortunate to see that ignorance and stupidity still run rampant. I’m sure those surviving Holocaust survivors would beg to differ with much of what he said. Especially when he said white people were God’s chosen people… I thought that was Jews?

When asked who he supports for President he said Hilary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, endorsed by white supremacists. That’s our future President ladies and gentleman. We don’t see her coming out and denouncing this endorsement. As both she and Donald Trump should do. This isn’t 1923 this is 2016.

This endorsement shouldn’t be surprising. The DNC email leaks proved the Democrat’s are just as racist as anyone else.

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