Lady Gaga Just Got BRUTAL Payback After Refusing To Trash Trump — She Needs Our Prayers

Look What JUST Happened To Lady Gaga After She REFUSED To Slam Trump At Super Bowl!

The hype leading up to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was squelched once she hit the stage and did her job by simply performing without slamming our president. She came out as a surprise hero for our nation by proving that just because stars with a stage may not have voted for Trump, they don’t have to use their platform to divide the country with their opinions. However, since she was expected to trash him and didn’t, she’s paying for it today.

It was no secret that Lady Gaga is a staunch Hillary Clinton advocate as she was seen at the candidate’s side during the campaign She’s been outspoken on her own about her opinions for our president and liberals were eager to see how she would publicly humiliate him on the most watched television event of the year. In a surprising show of class, she refrained from spewing hate and did a beautiful job just singing her songs. However, the incensed left saw it differently and just retaliated against the performer who they hoped would be their mouthpiece.

As shocked as conservatives were to see that Gaga didn’t make good on the anti-Trump message she promised to make, liberals were more so, which turned into a rage over the matter two days after the big event. The Los Angeles Times said she “missed her chance to say something profound,” although the publication never said the same about a conservative performer refraining from slandering Barack Obama. Social media has been on fire with pissed off liberals leading an attack on one of their own, proving that misery really does seem to love company.

I can’t believe that lady gaga didn’t use her platform to call Trump a cheeto with little hands. She might as well have committed a hate crime, bitcoin trillionaire (@prettybinladen) wrote. Another in the long list of haters added, “Lady Gaga you had your chance. From now on I need to be clear: Donald J. Trump is a fascist and we need to stand against him. #Buddhism2017. Strange, coming from someone claiming they are Buddhist, such a non-peaceful sentiment isn’t on par with their belief system, but leave it to a liberal to make an inconsistent statement.

The left’s argument against Trump when he was running was that he was divisive and dangerous to our nation because of it. That was clearly all talk since nobody has been more divisive than the left since he won. It’s a mob mentality that if even someone within their own political party doesn’t fall in line with what they want them to do to anger the nation, they turn their wrath on them. This should wake America up that liberals aren’t about what’s best for the country, they only care about what’s most powerful for their political party.

h/t: [YoungConservatives]

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