Look What Just Happened To Nasty Liberal After People See The Disgusting Thing He Did To Kellyanne In His Selfie

For whatever reason, one of liberals’ favorite people to hate on is Trump’s main advisor, Kellyanne Conway. They constantly pick her apart over the stupidest stuff, from the outfit she’s wearing to even the way she sits on a couch. But when one nasty liberal decided to take advantage of Conway’s kindness with the sole mission of making her look like a fool, the man would quickly learn he was no match for Conway’s wits, as she hilariously turned the tables on his plans, epically making him look like the idiot by the time his little stunt had ended.

Over the weekend, Alfredo Joseph Pelicci was able to weasel his way past security and get close enough to Kellyanne where he asked her to take a selfie with him. She graciously attempted the man’s request, leaning in towards him for the picture, having no idea that her kindness was about to be repaid by a cruel trick. He soon began to video record with his phone, where after a few seconds of them both smiling into the camera, Pelicci then instructed Kellyanne to say “I’m ruining America.”

This was obviously not the first time that Kellyanne has dealt with the childlike antics of liberals, and not missing a beat, she responded in the best way possible leaving the liberal idiot completely speechless. Check it out:

Kellyanne then looks right at him and says, “You must feel really brave saying that.” But apparently Kellyanne taking him down a few levels wasn’t enough punishment, because then Pelicci decided to post the video on Facebook where he immediately began getting ripped to shreds:

Why is it that liberals can never debate anyone on facts and must always resort to child-like antics? I suppose when your IQ is that low, it’s the only attainable course of action!

H/T [Twitchy]

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