Look What Just Happened The Second Trump Got Off Marine One After Unexpected Landing!

President Trump made an unexpected trip today on Marine Force one which nobody seemed to know about until it was up in the air. As sudden as his departure was, so was his landing where a small gathering of press were standing by and able to catch the shocking thing that happened the second before taking his final step off the aircraft.

It’s been a long week of important work for out Commander-in-Chief who hasn’t left the Oval Office for much other than an important afternoon in Delaware to show his respect for a fallen Navy SEAL on Wednesday. However, today he was back on Marine One for a different reason.

The helicopter was taking the president to a tarmac where Air Force One awaited him, fueled up and ready to take him to what will likely be a work-filled weekend away from the White House. He hasn’t seen his wife and young son, so hopefully he’ll get a couple days to spend reconnecting with them, but before he could get off Marine One and onto the jet, he stopped and stood before the military personnel there to greet him, and saluted them back, showing the utmost respect for their service to this country.

This is a sight that has been seen more in one week than it has in the eight years that Barack Obama was in office. The most our former president did to salute these soldiers when he didn’t completely ignore them, was to wave at them with a coffee cup in his hand. Another time he scratched his face in an awkward motion that appeared as though he was flipping the soldier off. His hate for our military was evident in countless ways but with Trump, respect and honor for these heroes is back and better than ever.

h/t: [RedStateWatcher]

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