Look What SICK Entitled Traitor Transvestite Is Demanding NOW After Obama Commuted Him

Look What SICK Entitled Traitor Transvestite Is Demanding NOW After Obama Commuted Him

Traitor transvestite Chelsea Manning (aka. Private Bradley Manning) should be pretty grateful for corrupt former president Barack Obama commuting his 35-year sentence and making him a free man/woman come May. However, where too much is given and undeserved, more is expected, and that’s what we’re seeing now out of this entitled tranny who should have kept his mouth shut, but is about to learn that President Trump isn’t a pushover like the former leader who had no business freeing him/her.

Chelsea Manning began to change from male to female on the taxpayer’s dime while in prison for leaking classified government information to Wikileaks. He, now she, was sentenced to 35-years for abusing his military privilege, which Obama didn’t think was any big deal and set Manning free for this coming May, as one of his final treasonous acts as president. The timing wasn’t coincidental, but Manning’s recent reaction is surprising as one would think he’d appreciate this freedom. Instead, he’s sticking it to the man who gave it to him, and the rest of us now that Obama is out of office.

Manning is spending his final four months in prison putting pen to paper, presumably to make some cash once he gets out. He just completed his first column for The Guardian since Obama commuted his sentence and had some surprisingly choice words for the man who gifted it to him, calling Obama “a weak leader with few permanent accomplishments.” While most conservatives can agree with this sentiment, it burns to know that Obama commuted him for his own “F-you” message to America, which Manning returned on him and ultimately the rest of the country who don’t want to see a traitor set free. Now, he’s made this reality worse with what else he’s calling for as a free man/woman given a voice.

With seemingly completely lack of self-awareness for what he did and has since been given, Manning is using his newfound freedom to flip off our newly elected president who was picked while he’s been in prison. In his article, the traitor called on liberals “to strike a more militant posture as Republican Donald Trump takes power in the White House.” Rather than shutting up and disappearing into obscurity, Americans and our new president are going to have to suffer insult to Obama’s injury of freeing this transvestite who now feels empowered to start a sick new movement against our elected leader. The potential of this happening was likely part of Obama’s plan.

“The one simple lesson to draw from President Obama’s legacy: do not start off with a compromise,” Manning wrote in his piece. “They won’t meet you in the middle. Instead, what we need is an unapologetic progressive leader.” No, you intelligence leaker who risked countless people’s lives…what we need is a leader who doesn’t set someone like you free and we found it while you were locked up. He should be grateful for what he got that he didn’t deserve from the former president he hates, but afforded him that gift for his own gain. If you disagree, Manning, do us all a favor and stay where you are. We don’t want to see you in May or hear from you again.

h/t: [DailyMail]

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