Look What SICK People Were Just Caught Doing As Terror Victims’ Bodies Lay On Ground At Concert

Europe was rocked by yet another explosive terror attack yesterday as result of an influx of Muslim refugees being allowed into the country. As police in Manchester, England worked to put the pieces and timeline together of this horrific bloodbath, some people are less concerned with the dead bodies which line the concert venue and more preoccupied with something else that’s absolutely sick.

When news initially broke of two explosions at an Ariana Grande concert in the U.K., information about what caused the blast was not immediately clear that killed as many as 20 people and injured at least 50 more. The circumstance seemed eerily familiar to the Paris, France terrorist attacks at a concert venue, but authorities were reluctant as usual to call it what it was. Spectators, as well as parents arriving to pick up their children, were fleeing for their lives as a lone wolf killer was still inside. It would take hours for authorities admit this was the work of Islamic jihad, but that didn’t stop depraved people from doing what they did next.

With the admission that this was, in fact, terrorism came an immediate response of concern from liberals that was not for those who lost their lives last night. The fear wasn’t even for when and where the next jihad would inevitably take place and no sorrow was expressed for those killed — which included children. The sadness was sickly placed on the Islamic community and the only concern was that this terrorist attack would spark a new wave of “islamophobia.” To deranged leftists, the victims, in this case, were Muslims, not the ones whose blood was on the ground in Manchester because of the “religion of peace.”

Victims of the Manchester, UK terrorist attack

The Daily Caller reports:

“Some verified users are angry at the ‘racism and xenophobia’ they’re seeing in response to the attack, which reports say was carried out by a suicide bomber.”

“the manchester tag is making me sick, the amount of racism and bullshit people are spouting when they dont know ANYTHING.”

— POSER (@codyfrostmusic) May 22, 2017

“While you’re all refreshing your timelines waiting for updates from Manchester, use your time to report racist and racially abusive tweets.”

— Michelle Sammet (@michellesammet) May 22, 2017

A Twitter user by the name Lucas Meadows expressed his deep concern for the families, but not the ones forced to make funeral arrangements for their loved ones taken by terrorism, he shot back at anyone who dared say anything about Islamic families who now have to deal with people “judging” them for what their religion did at the pop concert.

“Islamophobia is strong tonight on twitter. We have to keep in mind that Muslim friends & fam will be dealing with extra hate because of this,” he posted on Twitter.

Meadows felt like he knew who to blame for the attack and it wasn’t the terrorist with the bomb strapped to his chest — it’s President Donald Trump, of course.

“After 9/11 the US military terrorized the Middle East. Manchester may give Trump an excuse to do similar mayhem. Why is that hard to see?,” Medows added in a separate Tweet.

They typical apologetic liberal is bad enough, but worse is the new breed of idiot which was revealed on social media in the aftermath of this terrorist attack. This “special” leftist said we shouldn’t blame Islam for fear of angering more Muslims into committing more terrorist attacks.

How many terrorist attacks must there be for the apology tour to come to an end for the religion of Islam? It should not be an insult to be called “Ismlamophoic,” it simply states that someone is more aware and awake than the degenerate using the term and thinking it’s derogatory. Droves of these refugees have been allowed into England where they will never fit in and refuse to assimilate because that too goes against their religion.

No amount of government assistance or concessions made for these infiltrators will ever be enough — what the Quran preaches is louder than cash and Muslims are just using the system to achieve what they are taught to do.

Muslims are outnumbering Brits in Manchester and their power by dominance is what was seen last night at this concert venue. This wasn’t the first, nor will be the last attack, as whites in the area are now considered second rate citizens to the religion of peace and are sitting ducks, waiting for the next strike while people stand over these dead bodies and make excuses and apologise for Muslims who would do the same.

There is no end in sight as long as they allowed where there are liberals to protect their intentions, allow them into places where they don’t belong, breed like rabbits, suck off the system, and attack when the time is right. The use liberal ignorance to their advantage.

h/t: [Breitbart]

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