Just 3 Days After Trump Accuses Him Of Wiretapping Crime, Look What Happened To Obama

Just 3 Days After Trump Accuses Him Of Wiretapping Crime, Look What Happened To Obama

Things are starting to get a little out of hand…yes?

Just kidding…this is a freaking crap storm and it’s defining Obama’s true nature…or at least it appears to. Still waiting for confirmation on if this will reveal what we have always known.

He’s satan spawn, him and his party.

When Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, he wasn’t just saying what so many Americans wanted to hear, he meant it. He plans to take out any rotten scoundrel he uncovers…and that going to take quite an effort seeing as how just today there is breaking news that Obama’s CIA just got EXPOSED by WikiLeaks for turning smart phones and smart t.v.’s into microphones…

Yes, hacking…our stuff. Are you freaking serious?

You should probably also know…that it was revealed that the CIA is also running a very a huge effort to infect and control Microsoft Windows users with it’s malware.

This information is from one of WikiLeaks largest dump of documents that just hit the public for viewing.

The timing of all this pretty scary stuff is just too crazy. Obama taps Trump Tower, and Obama’s CIA develops measures to use for “cyber war” ….

Exciting times folks. The kind of excitement that makes you want to go find some nice plot of land up in the hills and live off that land until the ‘stupid’ dies down…right?

Anyhow, back to this wiretapping business.

Social media has responded in a big way to President Donald Trump’s accusation against the Obama administration and them allegedly (probably) wire tapping Trump Tower during the election.

This accusation was of course the talk of the entire nation when it broke and everywhere you turned on t.v or you smart phones…there it was. It is being called the biggest political scandal since Watergate by some big names like Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Of course Obama has denied the charge but Americans…aren’t so sure.

The White House has called for an investigation against Obama and his minions…

Pray for America folks, she needs our help. Nothing like receiving divine help when you need to get rid of the rotten pieces of scum laying around in D.C.

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