Look What Just Happened! Obama’s HUGE Plan for Bringing Terrorists to America Just Got SHUT DOWN !

Obama has been wanting to shut down Guantanamo Bay for his entire 8 year term, releasing the detainees from where they belong to put them into American prisons. Thankfully, the republican congress has just vetoed his want and passed a bill that shoots to ENSURE he won’t be able to have his way.

According to Associated Press:
A $607 billion defense policy bill was sent to Obama from Congress that SHUTS DOWN his work to bring detainees from Guantanamo Bay to American prisons.

The 91-3 vote gave final authority approval to the measure, and the house overwhelmingly passed it last week 370-58. Many first reactions to this was… ‘sure ok, that’s great. Obama is just going to veto it thought, so who cares’

However, here is why he might not veto it…

You see, Obama does not like the Guantanamo provisions, however so far he hasn’t shown any sign of vetoing it. There is a particular embarrassment that Presidents try to avoid at any cost.

The overwhelming House and Senate vote already sends the signal that if he dares to veto the legislation, BOTH chambers would then have the power to muster up the two-thirds majorities needed to override it.

Obama’s ego is too big for that, no matter how much he love his terrorist prisoners.

Earlier on in the this battle Obama did veto a previous version of the defense policy bill due to a dispute that was later resolved, in regards to whether the defense spending increases should be accompanied or not by boosts in domestic programs.

However, it appears that Republicans have grown a pair and found the courage to finally challenge Obama on this matter.

There really is a first for everything isn’t there!?

Of course Obama still has a choice. Embarrassment or simply signing it into existence.

I doubt he will choose the humiliating option.

Although, I can’t say that it wouldn’t be fun to watch him embarrass himself all because of his ego.

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