Look What NASTY California Muslim Woman Has Planned For Dead Soldiers On Memorial Day! She MUST Be Stopped!

Some things are as ludicrous as they sound. This story is certainly no exception. The Muslim Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has made some rather outrageous statements about Memorial Day that is really pissing people off. They are now saying that soldiers should not be honored on Memorial Day.

Instead they believe they should honor Muslim terrorists. Instead they tweeted how the United States is a nation based on white supremacy. Regardless of the fact that it is wholly disrespectful not to honor the soldiers that sacrificed their life to protect our freedoms.

Zahra Billoo is the executive director of CAIRs San Francisco Bay Region and she tweeted out how difficult it is for her to have to handle Memorial Day ever year. Because living in a freedom loving democracy where you can speak the most monstrous things and not get arrested must be so arduous.

She quoted Dawud Walid who is a former executive director in arguing they should not be honored for fighting in unjust wars. However, last time anyone checked they are immigrants to this country. They chose to come here of all places. If it is so awful then they would have left already.

CAIR has endorsed sharia law and anti-American organizations. They even allegedely have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. It is an organization former President Obama worked closely with. But this type of insubordination is not going to be tolerated under the Trump administration. Especially considering the stalwart support the President has shown to the military, veterans, and law enforcement officials.

This is the type of divisive rhetoric tearing our country apart not the President. The type that is enflaming people to plan protests. It is absolutely disgusting and embarrassing. They should be arrested for inciting violence and rioting. But that is never going to happen.


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