Look What Pres. Bush Was Just Caught Doing On LIVE TV When He Didn’t Realize Camera Was Rolling

Former two term President, George W. Bush, shocked viewers on LIVE TV when he did something hilarious at an MLB game.

Bush was walking from one spot, to another, and found himself passing behind Fox Sports Reporter, Emily Jones, and that’s when his quick-witted retirement brain kicked in and gave us a split second laugh.

As George W. Bush walked behind Emily Jones, he ducked in for a quick funny face photo-bomb. No one expected to see a photo-bomb during the Rangers and Phillies game. And there is literally no one who thought that the photo-bomb bandit would be none other than a former POTUS.

This as American as it gets and you can tell Bush might be enjoying his retirement quite a bit.

Former President George W. Bush surprised TV viewers and baseball fans around the country when he intentionally ‘photobombed’ a sports reporter covering a baseball game in Texas.Bush has kept a relatively low profile since leaving the White House, but the former-President couldn’t help himself when he stumbled across a televised broadcast at a Phillies-Rangers Major League Baseball game in Arlington, Texas.
Fox Sports Reporter Emily Jones was covering the game when Bush suddenly appears behind her and yells “Hey!” at the camera.

And in fun humor and style, Emily Jones gave him a shout out and was happy to be photobombed by a former President.

George W. Bush had a lot of funny moments during his time in the White House. A lot of his best jokes were often by accident or when he said something silly, not particularly trying to be hilaruous, but it was simply his delivery and personalty that had people cracking up. Well, that is when they weren’t freaking out. Every President has their fans and haters. George W. Bush was no different as he had plenty of both.

If there’s one thing we will always know, it’s that GWB loves his country and his troops. A great guy all around, regardless of how you look at the way he spent time in the White House. This is a moment that Emily Jones will enjoy forever and many of George W. Bush’s fans will laugh and admire.

Would you enjoy a laugh if George W. Bush photo-bombed you, or would that be strange to you?

Let’s remember that George W. Bush has a history of funny moments and they weren’t all planned. Some of GWB’s hilarious moments were extremely improvised and spur of the moment. Some were even a complete shock.

Here’s more incidents of George W. Bush being funny.

The time a man throws two shoes a him and he acts like a ninja ducking both of them with cat-like reflexes.

“CBS News RAW:” At a press conference in Baghdad with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, President Bush got a reminder of the fervent opposition to his policies when a man threw two shoes at his head.

Here’s ten more hilarious moments where he had some zingers. His public speeches weren’t the most elaborate. Sometimes they were downright stupid, but the guy has a great heart and loves his country. He wasn’t voted in because he’s the best public speaker. He was voted in for his love of America.

I can’t help but laugh when he said “childrens do learn” as he’s standing there among a bunch of kids he doesn’t know. Yeah, they’ll learn alright, but that’s only if their parents are worth a damn.

Want some serious Bush? Here he is going full ham on Matt Lauer in a discussion about 9/11. They’re talking about getting information out of people and “alternative methods” of extracting information from suspecting terrorists. I say choke people out and stab them until the people speak. GWB said he wanted people to get information without torture, techniques within the law. Heck with that! Go full force torturing! If terrorists do something horrible to Americans and we have people complaining about authorities torturing the bad people, then to hell with them as well.

GWB makes the best point possible. Get information. Don’t tell the enemy what you do. His job as POTUS was to protect the American people as much as possible. No one can prevent a sudden attack like 9/11. All we can do is gather intelligence and use it to our advantage.

George W. Bush had a lot of hilarious moments, but he had some gut wrenches talks to top off his job as POTUS.

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