Look What Sanctuary-Loving Governor Just Made Official For Illegals That Screws Trump & America Out Of Millions

Ever since President Trump took office the left has been doing everything they can to stop him It matters not them if they put the American people at risk, as long as they get to push their extreme agenda. An example of that is sanctuary cities that are across the country. These cities harbor illegal immigrants instead of deporting them back to where they came from. President Trump attempted to halt federal funds to these cities, but leave to liberals to block that action. One of the worst states in the country that harbors these criminals is the state of California and what Governor Jerry Brown just proposed shows he has gone too far.

You would think that after the murder of Katie Steinle by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco the citizens of California would wise up, but, that didn’t happen. The illegal immigration problem in California has only grown, and that can all be attributed to Governor Jerry Brown.

Katie Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco.

So, what he proposed in his recent budget plan should come as no surprise. In his recent plan, he desires to give millions of taxpayer money to illegal immigrants to fight deportation laws and stay in America.

Yep, you read that exactly correct.

According to recent reports, deep inside Governor Brown’s revised budget includes a HUGE funding increase. What that means it contains a $15 million dollar increase in funding “to further expand the availability of legal services for people seeking… [a] ‘deportation defense.’” This means that Governor Brown plans on using taxpayer money to help illegal immigrants fight deportation cases.

Governor Jerry Brown

However, like I said before this should not come as any real surprise from Governor Brown. For example, during Governor Brown’s January State of the State speech he made his intentions rather clear. “Let me be clear: We will defend everybody — every man, woman, and child — who has come here for a better life and has contributed to the well-being of our state,” he warned.

Here is more from Daily Caller:

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that the budget would include a total of $33 million in state government assistance to illegal immigrants.

These funds, however, are not enough for some Democrats in the state who seek to launch new programs. Democratic legislators have proposed three separate bills that impact legal training, start a legal defense program and increase counsel for deported veterans. These proposals add up to more than $26 million.

Ronald Coleman, government affairs director for the California Immigrant Policy Center, told the Times that these programs are “key given that California can be ground zero for the devastation that we would face from Donald Trump’s deportation policies.”

The $15 million cash-influx proposed by the Democratic governor would help with people facing deportations or seeking citizenship. Laura Polstein, an attorney at Centro Legal de la Raza, said this money would be a “game changer” for immigration lawyers.

These types of policies that liberals are implementing are exactly why we need to focus on voting them out of office. Illegal immigrants have committed horrific crimes and have been allowed to stay because of liberal policies. In New Orleans, a mother was raped and murdered in her own home. When the police showed up to the crime scene they found her 4-year-old daughter sitting next to her mother’s body that had been stabbed over 20 times.

Also, Julio Cesar-Medrano, another illegal immigrant was recently arrested for raping a 4-year-old girl and taping it with his cell phone.

Julio Cesar Medrano (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

This is exactly why President Trump is attempting to stop these sanctuary cities from harboring these people. But, it will not be an easy road for President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In an attempt to thwart Trump’s agenda, a California law firm has hired former AG Eric Holder to help push back. According to recent reports, they are going to pay Holder’s law firm $25,000 a month to help obstruct everything Trump attempts to do.

Eric Holder

If these people want to have illegal immigrants in their states then they need to take care of it all themselves, which means without federal funds. If these states really believe that they are sovereign, then they need to make it work on their own.

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H/T [ Daily Caller ]

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