LOOK who Syed Farook followed on Twitter; there’s only ONE surprise


From Allen B West: It’s become a sad routine. As we search for motive clues for massacres like the one yesterday in San Bernardino, we naturally turn to the suspects’ social media accounts. And so often, these accounts deliver instant hints, while directing us to further areas to probe. Such is the case with Syed Farook’s Twitter account.

While liberals continue to blame guns and possible “workplace grievances,” Farook’s Twitter account provides further evidence of what appears increasingly undeniable: this guy was connected to Islamic — and terrorist — activist organizations.

As WZ reports, Farook’s account contains no records of his own Tweets, but follows accounts promoting Islam, as well as Palestinian and Syrian rebel causes. And, of course, CAIR. Anyone surprised by this? I didn’t think so.

But there is one interesting twist AND one connection to a leading presidential candidate — that you likely WON’T hear about in the lamestream media.

As WZ notes:

He joined November 2013, so it’s his, not created after the fact. He’s 28 years old, so the ’87’ in the account name matches his birth year.

While there are no tweets, this would give him access to be able to DM folks and here are the people he was following. He was following 11 accounts and was only followed by one when I found the account, the Muslim American Society, who he also followed. 

But here’s an interesting surprise: the shooter also followed a waffle food truck — making none other than Belgian waffles, in a strange — and likely irrelevant — connection to Belgium, the place that’s become an international headquarters for Islamic terrorism. As the Waffles de Liege website notes, the Liege waffle is one of two types of Belgian waffles, the other type being the Brussels waffle.

Farook tweets 3Farook tweets 2

So has anyone asked CAIR if they knew Farook, since he was following CAIR?

The one person he [Farook] follows, @SafeensSa appears to be an Islamic apologist, alternately tweeting out things suggesting the shooting was a ‘false flag’, tweeting about ‘Islamophobia’ and making anti-Semitic tweets. He also retweeted some CAIR member tweets.

And look who Safeen — the one individual Farook followed — retweeted just yesterday? None other than leading Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.




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