Thuggish Looters In Texas Just Reached New Low With What They’re Doing With Dead Victims’ Bodies

After a hurricane, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is looters looking to profit from others misfortune, however, that is what many people in Texas are dealing with as we speak. These looters have been entering into hurricane victims homes and stealing whatever they can get their hands on. These disgusting humans have no regard for anyone and that was proven after what these looters did in one hurricane victims home.

Once a hurricane leaves an area that is when the worst and best of humanity begin to show its face. On the best side of that coin, we see neighbor helping neighbor rebuild their homes, seek shelter, or open their doors for the less fortunate. But, then there is the worst side of humanity who will look at this opportunity to steal from the victims in order to profit off their misery.

Groups of looters have been seen walking through Texas neighborhoods looking to steal from those who are most vulnerable. Now, of course, if that was not disgusting enough one group thugs sank even lower by looting one woman’s home who had died from Harvey’s flood waters.

90-year-old Agnes Stanley was stubborn and wanted to ride out Hurricane Harvey in her own home despite what others people warning her to leave. Sadly, Stanley was not able to survive the storm’s flood waters and drowned in her own home. The elderly woman was found floating face down in around four feet of water, and if that was not horrific enough realizing that looters went into her home and burglarized makes it even worse.

Agnes Stanley died in her home after flood waters rose quickly in this Houston neighborhood.

Here is more from ABC 7:

Almost every house on this street has piles of soaked furniture, ruined belongings and soggy sheetrock out front.

Most homes had about 4 feet of water inside. One woman tells me she swam through 10 feet of flood water and broke into this home trying to check on her elderly neighbor.

She says she will never forget what she saw.

Michele Poche is a trained paramedic and was quick to act when her home and others on Meyerwood Drive started taking on water.

“Rescue mode, yeah,” Poche said. “I knew my kids were safe. I wanted to take care of everyone else at that point.”

One of the first people that came to mind: her 90-year-old neighbor, Agnes Stanley. She had insisted on riding out the hurricane in her home.

“She had great difficulty getting around,” Poche said. “She was not ambulatory, neighbors brought her paper every day, brought her coffee, we all kind of pitched in to take care of her.”

Poche told Eyewitness News she called Stanley’s son the morning of August 27th and got permission to break through a window to try and rescue her.

She was too late.

“We saw that she was under the water, and we backed out and called 911,” Poche said. “We think that the water got too high and she may have drowned.”

The Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office confirms she drowned.

Her family, too upset to speak about her on camera, did tell us her body was recovered two days later.

Her home, as well as at least three others on this street, had been burglarized, according to the Houston Police Department.

“She was still in there,” Poche said. “The coroner was not able to get in until Thursday to pick her body up. Yeah, they broke into her house and stole stuff, too.”

HPD’s mounted patrol is on the lookout for thieves this afternoon, trying to keep these families from losing even more.

The Harris County Medical Examiner confirms a total of 29 storm-related deaths, and they expect there will be more as the waters start to recede and families are able to get back into their

That’s the awful reality of the Harvey aftermath. Kaitlin McCulley will have more on that on Eyewitness News at 6:30.

Law enforcement said that Stanley’s home was one of many that were targeted by looters in the area.

Sadly, with Stanley’s death that brings the death toll up to 60 as authorities are now able to enter the hardest hit areas. This is a community that has been absolutely leveled and to see so many people taking advantage of those less fortunate is disgusting.

Which is why the city of Houston and the surrounding cities are not playing when it comes to these looters. According to the Houston Chronicle, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office– a neighboring county–  posted a warning last Monday stating that any looters, thieves or burglars that are caught victimizing area residents will be arrested and serve mandatory jail time for their crime.

These people in this area are already having to face enough tragedy that they should not have to worry about these thugs raiding their homes too. Hopefully, the looters that broke into Agnes Stanely’s home will be caught so that they can face justice for their nasty act.

H/T [ Daily Mail ]

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