Corrupt Loretta Lynch Just Posted This INSANE Video Rallying The Insurgency—There Will Be ‘Blood & Death’

Overnight the former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch released a disturbing and frankly quite despicable video calling for marching in the streets…Even if that marching led to blood and even death.

The video itself is sickening, but not for the calling of marching off into blood and death, but for the twisted view that she has of reality. Trump supporters in San Jose, California were beaten and battered for nothing more than attending a Trump rally during the campaign. Berkeley was another place that held a Trump rally in support of the President recently, and just like how Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event was shut down through intimidation and violence, this event too was the target of chaos and violence…merely for standing and supporting ‘the rights of people’, as Loretta Lynch would put it.

News flash, Lynch. YOU AND YOUR RADICALS ARE NOT THE VICTIMS! Not only that, but you seemed to be confused about what ‘rights’ are being ‘assailed’ or even ‘trampled on.’ Since the inauguration, President Trump has broken a grand total of, wait for it…

0 LAWS! Not only that, but the rights of Americans have NOT been trampled on…Please refer to your own time in the Obama administration for that. Goodness knows there’s plenty of examples of the rights of Americans being trampled upon. You should know, you participated in doing it.

Now here’s a little bit from GP that explains just a tiny bit of what Americans had to deal with when your ‘leader’ Obama was calling the shots:

As we all know Lynch worked for President Obama and is most known for not investigating the Clinton Foundation and for meeting former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac in June 2016 while his wife, Hillary Clinton, was being investigated for illegal email abuses while she was Obama’s Secretary of State.

Now does she sound like a responsible person? Nope. More like terribly dishonest and incompetent.

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