Lou Dobbs “Americans Will No Longer Tolerate Attempts at Mind Control Through Political Correctness”

One of the things that so many Americans said they liked about Donald Trump during the campaign was his unwillingness to bow to political correctness. And as he ultimately won, that would seem to be the death knell for liberals’ insistence on making everyone walk on eggshells, all the time, lest someone get “offended” or “triggered”. According to Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs, this is a sign that Americans are no longer willing to accept mind control through forced political correctness.

The American Music Awards were held this weekend, and Trump was the butt of a lot of jokes during the broadcast. But Dobbs pointed out that it didn’t go over well. “Those nasty comments turned off the audience, by the way, if you were wondering,” he said. “The ignorance of the production generated a quick economic consequence for the AMA producers and ABC network – a nosedive in audience numbers. The ratings for the awards show in fact hit an all-time low. The lowlife AMA production followed the cast of the Broadway musical ‘Hamilton,’ lecturing Vice President-elect Mike Pence, for which Donald Trump has demanded an apology.”

He continued, “But if Broadway only calls out Republicans then I believe Broadway will soon go the way of the left-wing national news media. There are far too many exciting entertainment choices these days that are cheaper, more convenient than a Broadway play that insults much of its audience.”

“The left-wing national media, Broadway and Hollywood have overreached, clearly. And while their leftist politics will likely not shrink, their audiences certainly will. Audiences, consumers, customers are, after November 8th, no longer feeling constrained to tolerate lies, and duplicity and propaganda on the part of media of any kind,” he concluded. “And American voters, at least half of them, will no longer tolerate attempts at mind control through political correctness. The marketplace of ideas, thanks principally to Donald Trump, and to tens of millions of working men and women who voted in this presidential election, well, those folks are aroused. And that’s wonderful for all of us.”

Now THAT’S what you call hitting the nail on the head.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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