Loud Mouth Drunk Girl Assaults Police Horse, Gets BRUTAL Instant Payback She Wasn’t Expecting

Loud Mouth Liberal Girl Assaults Police Horse, Gets BRUTAL Instant Payback She Wasn't Expecting

An entitled drunk girl who thought she could run her mouth and attack anyone and anything in the name of free speech met her match at a rally recently. She decided to make a police horse part of her antics, before learning that they don’t play by the same rules as what’s she’s used. The unapologetic animal delivered a perfect dose of instant justice that left her holding her teeth and looking like the fool she is.

It must be a college co-ed’s rite of passage to act dangerously irrational to some degree in a protest before you come out the other side as a (hopefully) responsible adult. One young blonde girl was just getting into this type of behavior when she got knocked a painful dose of reality, teaching her that if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

According to the footage shared on YouTube, the ridiculous young woman at a street party in Ontario, Canada was set up by her “friend” to slap the police horse on the behind. The officer was still mounted on the animal as the co-conspirator filmed the incident from a safe distance showing the girl running up to the large animal and slapping it, for which the horse responded with the best animal instinct.

No sooner did her hand hit the horse’s rear, that her face got hit with his hind leg, in a swift kick that knocked her to the ground where she tasted the pavement. She manages to pull herself up and tries to run away, holding her face, and covered in blood. While her condition is unknown, it’s clear it had to hurt considering what she looked like in the aftermath of her stupid move.

It was a brutal lesson, but once she had coming. Millenials think they can do whatever they want without recourse or claiming innocence because of what they’ve been engrained to believe, but this animal doesn’t play by those rules. For every action, there’s a reaction and this painful experience should hopefully serve as a good life lesson.


THIS ARTICLE WAS UPDATED ON MARCH, 10 2017. We previously reported that the woman in question was a liberal protester, however, her political affiliation has been determined to be unknown. She seemingly acted as a result of too much too drink but learned an important lesson none the less.

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