Loudmouth Whoopi Goldberg Trash Talks Trump’s Kids – INSTANTLY Regrets It…

The ladies of the View are not ones to shy away from some controversy. Especially when it comes to Donald Trump. They never cease to throw him a low blow. After Whoopi Goldberg threw a low blow that went too low everyone on social medit collectively went crazy.

The ladies usually have a token conservative with the rest being pretty liberal. But ever since Elisabeth Hasslebeck and Candace Cameron Burre left their have been next to zero conservatives. The ladies did not hide their support for Hillary Clinton during the election and their sadness over her defeat.

In a recent taping Goldberg went on a diatribe about abortion, christmas and Trump. She went crazy over the fact that President Elect Donald Trump consulted his kids during the transition period between his win and his inauguration.

The former comedian and actress was incensed by the possibility that Ivanka will have an office in the White House and potentially serve as an advisor and hostess during certain events at the Pennsylvania Avenue address.

It has already been announced that Melania Trump will stay in New York City with her young son Barron while he finishes up the school year which means she will not be able to partake in planning White House functions as well as unable to fulfill her First Lady duties.

Although it is not unusual for such things to happen. Former daughters, daughter in laws, sisters, cousins, nieces and even aunts have filled in hostessing duties for sitting Presidents. So this would not be unprecedented for Ivanka despite no official announcement being made.

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Goldberg ranted that people’s right to celebrate Christmas is the same right of women to have an abortion. Which enraged viewers. Comparing abortion to the birth of Jesus Christ. Now it’s understandable why The View has a revolving door of co hosts that come in and out.

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