Louis Gohmert NAILS IT: “If Orlando Was About Guns, Then Boston Was About A Pressure Cooker”

Ever notice how the media always blames the attacker unless his crime is committed with a gun?

If someone is stabbed to death, we blame the attacker, not the knife. If someone is beat to death, we blame the attacker, not his fists. But if someone is shot? The blame is magically shifted to the firearm, as if the only way to kill people is with guns.

As Downtrend reports, Louie Gohmert SLAMMED this logic to the Democrat crybabies for their idiotic stunt this week, staging a sit-in on the House floor and preventing any work to get done.

The Texas Republican called it “outrageous” that House Democrats would grab microphones and prevent fellow lawmakers from conducting business in violation of House rules, all to make a point about gun control, which is really beside the point, he said:

“And when people go on for 12 hours, saying things, ‘It’s about guns,’ then that means Boston was about a pressure cooker. It wasn’t. Both of them were about radical Islam,” Gohmert told Fox News’s Charles Payne.

“And the reason people died unnecessarily is because this FBI, this Justice Department, this Homeland Security has purged their training materials, so FBI agents don’t know what questions to ask to find out if Mateen [Orlando attacker] or Tsarnaev [Boston attacker] had been radicalized.

“In fact, Charles, it’s even worse,” Gohmert continued. “There was an article that came out that indicated that CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, identified as a co-conspirator in supporting terrorism in the Holy Land Foundation, that their lawyer sat in while the FBI interviewed a person of interest in that mosque.

“That would be like the mob having their lawyer sit in while the FBI was interrogating, questioning somebody that might be a whistle-blower in the mob. You don’t let that happen. So the FBI, the Justice Department is in major problems. They can’t protect us because they don’t know what to look for.”

Gohmert called it “one of the great ironies” that civil rights activist John Lewis (D-Ga.), “a true legend” is now “using ‘We Shall Overcome’ and all this other stuff to try to take away a Second Amendment, a civil right under our Constitution. It just doesn’t fit,” he added.


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