Louisiana Police: Baton Rouge Gunman ‘Intentionally Targeted and Assassinated’ Officers

It’s sad that this even has to be pointed out.

Whenever there’s a mass public shooting, liberals are quick to exploit it politically before even a single detail has come out about the shooter. It’s never to soon to attack the Republicans or the NRA, before we know anything.

And if the shooting occurs within a ten mile radius of a Planned Parenthood you can bet there will be some liberal claiming it was an act of anti-abortion violence, even though only eleven people have died in anti-abortion related violence in the entire history of America.

Just days ago, three officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge – the same city that Alton Sterling was killed by police. The Dallas shooter who killed five officers was motivated to kill over anger by the shooting of Sterling (and also Philando Castille). It should’ve been obvious that a man who shot a handful of officers in the same city that Sterling was killed in would be motivated be the same.

And guess what? He was.

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Via The Blaze

The gunman who fatally shot three police officers in Baton Rouge Sunday “intentionally targeted and assassinated” them, police said.

Louisiana State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson said during a press conference that Gavin Long, 29, conducted a “calculated act” of violence against police.

Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie Jr. added that police are up against a “force that is not playing by the rules.”

“He was not going to stop here,” Dabadie said of the gunman. “I have no doubt he was heading to our headquarters. He was going to take more lives. That shot that our SWAT team made was a hell of a shot.”

Dabadie got choked up while reading a note from the wife of Montrell Jackson, one of the officers slain in the attack.

If nothing is done to stop the divisive rhetoric of groups like Black Lives Matter, this will only be the beginning.


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