‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Just Secretly Surprised Dirty Muslims With Badass ‘Gift’ He Hand Delivered In A Suit

'Mad Dog' Mattis Just Secretly Surprised Dirty Muslims With Badass 'Gift' He Hand Delivered In A Suit

Just ten days after President Donald Trump dropped the “mother of all bombs” on terrorists hunkered down in caves, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan. The unapologetic General didn’t who up empty handed as he hand delivered a special surprise to these dirty Muslims and did it in style, wearing a suit like a boss and it couldn’t have been better.

Mattis was the best thing to happen to our military after Barack Obama had stripped them down over the last eight years — systematically destroying morale and empowering our enemies. The apology tour is over now for terrorists with the adults back in charge, which started the second Trump was elected and made Mattis is Secretary of Defense.

The Middle East was put on notice at that point and were reminded of how different things are now when terrorists got a bomb dropped on them earlier this month. The next worse threat to munitions falling from the sky was Mattis who just dropped in on Afghanistan from a helicopter and is there to deliver more bad news and did so in a suit showing he means business and isn’t messing around.

“Mattis is currently on a week-long six-nation tour concerning the ongoing war against terror,” the Daily Mail reported. “President Donald Trump has been urged to send more troops to Afghanistan to help support local forces in their battle against the Taliban. He is the first member of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet to visit Afghanistan.”

Nobody knew of Mattis’ Afghanistan plans until he showed up there and Trump’s administration didn’t confirm it until after he was done there. This covert approach is considered a major security breach, but Mattis doesn’t seem to mind as he knows what he’s doing and like Trump, goes it his own way.

'Mad Dog' Mattis Just Secretly Surprised Dirty Muslims With Badass 'Gift' He Hand Delivered In A Suit

Mattis’ surprise visit in Kabul today was to discuss the ongoing threat of the Taliban there and the idea of putting more boots on the ground to support overwhelmed local security forces.

“General John Nicholson, the top American commander in Kabul, recently told Congress that he needs a few thousand more troops to keep Afghan security forces on track to eventually handling the Taliban insurgency on their own,” Mail Online reported. This announcement comes after complaints of the military being scaled back in this particular area, thanks to Obama, which sent a clear message to terrorists there that doesn’t sit well with Mattis and the other Generals in charge.

After meeting with Afghan officials last week, Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster returned to Washington with a clear reality that Mattis didn’t ignore. “Our enemy sensed that [America scaled back] and they have redoubled their efforts, and it’s time for us, alongside our Afghan partners, to respond.”

Mattis responded in the only way he knows how – hands on an assertive – proving what an incredible leader he truly is. He doesn’t delegate these important conversations to any of his staff, he does it himself and does it immediately – even if he has to suit up in the middle of the night and get on a helicopter to go to Afghanistan to deliver the message. There’s no time for passivity, as terrorists plot against Americans. However, more importantly, Mattis isn’t going to put more soldiers at risk there without a clear purpose in mind which he secured in going there today.

Mattis has covered more ground in a week, traveling to six different countries, than anyone in Obama’s administration did for eight years. He’s not on an apology tour, negotiating with terrorists, he’s seeking diplomatic support and letting everyone know that they can either comply or find out how he got his nickname because America is back and isn’t messing around anymore.

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