‘Mad’ Maxine Waters Just Let Shocking Admission Slip On Live TV That Has Dems In FULL PANIC Mode Now

In an interview on MSNBC’s liberal talk show “Morning Joe.” The “genius” that is Democrat Congresswoman from my looney home state of California Maxine Waters just admitted there is no proof whatsoever that President Donald Trump, nor his administration, ever colluded with Russia or anyone else for that matter.

That’s right, the dimwit that is Congresswoman Waters, actually went on national television, and in 10 minutes rendered the whole Democrat Party talking point and narrative against President Trump, mute.

She made quite the admission.

You just can’t help it laugh when looking at Sam Stein’s expression as this num nut admits this is all bull sh!t and tries to jibber jab her way out of it.

DAVID IGNATIUS, “THE WASHINGTON POST”: Congresswoman, I’m curious about the timing and the politics of this impeachment question. We remember from Watergate that you have a grand jury investigation and then you have a referral of facts.

WATERS: That’s right.

IGNATIUS: Unindicted co-conspirators that go to the House Impeachment Committee that’s formed.


IGNATIUS: The Republicans control the House now.

WATERS: That’s right.

IGNATIUS: And they control it by substantial majorities.


IGNATIUS: Realistically, are we talking about any possibility of impeachment debates, seriously, coming in 2018, after this new Congress?

Or do you think this should be an issue in the 2018 midterms, that that’s what Democrats should run on?

WATERS: Well, I think it’s an issue now and I think that the Republicans who have been cautious, many of whom are worried but not ready to step forward, recognizing that they have to be concerned about their re-elections, et cetera, they won’t be able to stand with this president when we unfold his connection to the Kremlin and what they were involved in, which we and I consider to be collusion.

I think it’s going to be borne out. And I don’t think that any Republican, even, you know, moderates or conservatives, who love America and who consider themselves patriots, they cannot stand with this president when it appears he has participated in undermining this democracy. They’re going to have to fall. That’s what I believe.


SAM STEIN, “HUFFINGTON POST”: You keep mentioning collusion.


STEIN: I want to define what you mean by collusion, because what you’re talking about seems more circumstantial to me, bank records, perhaps contacts that were of a nebulous nature.

Who knows why Flynn was talking to the Russian ambassador?

It could have been, it seems to have been about sanctions. Collusion to me is very specific. It means that the Russian government or actors within were trying to elect Donald Trump. But I want to know what collusion means to you, because that seems to be the standard by which you’re saying he should be impeached.

WATERS: Yes, absolutely. I am talking about strategies that were developed working with the Trump campaign. I really do believe that much of what you saw coming out of Trump’s mouth was a play from Putin’s playbook.

I think that when you saw him absolutely calling Hillary crooked, the “lock her up, lock her up,” all of that was developed. I think that was developed strategically with people from the Kremlin, with Putin.

And I think it’s more than bank records. I think that you can see that visits, you know, to Moscow were made during the campaign by Manafort and others. I think it’s a lot more absolute —


STEIN: — developed the talking points for the Trump campaign?

WATERS: I think that there was a cooperation in developing strategy about how they could ensure that Hillary Clinton was not elected. They need Trump. Trump will be there to support lifting those sanctions. That’s what they really want to happen.

They want to drill in the Arctic. Tillerson has negotiated a multibillion-dollar deal with Exxon to do that drilling. They can’t get the equipment, the supplies and all that they need until the sanctions are lifted.

They want Trump; not only will he support lifting those sanctions, he also will turn a blind eye to the expansion that Putin is trying to do. He does not care about them having invade Crimea and does not care whether or not this egotistical maniac, Putin, is attempting to reunite the whole Soviet Union.


STEIN: — but just to be clear, we haven’t — there have been no actual evidence yet.

WATERS: No, it has not been. No, it has not and I want you to know, every time I’ve talked about impeachment, I’ve said we’ve got to connect the dots, we’ve got to get the facts, we’ve got to do the investigation. That is what leads to impeachment and I also said that Trump will lead us right there.Because after the failed presidency that was BarackHusseinn Obama, Democrats know all too well they don’t stand a chance to win against the Republicans for at least the next decade. They cleverly devised a plan to throw doubt and turmoil into the Trump administration.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters comes from one of the worst crime infested districts in the California. Inglewood California has double the median crime rate most cities in the United States have.

But now keep in mind this lying political hack makes a mere $174,000 a year before taxes from her “tenured” job as a congresswoman. But is currently worth over 2 million dollars. And the best part is she refuses to reside in the very district she represents because she considers it too dangerous a place for someone like herself to live in.

I have recently come to the realization that crime-infested cesspools like Inglewood California deserve what they get. People in her district keep electing her to congress and they even go as far as nicknaming her “Aunt Maxine.” Are you freaking kidding me?

When will the 78% Black America who tows the Democrat party line wake the hell up? And see all these people for what they really are, nothing but a gang of Con Artists!



Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He’s worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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