Maddow Lost Her Fight Against Trump, Now She’s Going After Melania With Something WORSE

Rachel Maddow blew up social media last night when she announced she had a copy of Donald Trumps 2005 tax returns. Despite the alleged bombshell it was never okayed through the White House administration and it, in fact, proved he paid close to twenty-five percent in income tax. Maddow had a reporter who hates the President dig up the dirt on him.

But it turns out the so-called reporter has a shady past of his own. In fact, he accused First Lady Melania Trump of doing porn. During a Tuesday panel discussion called “The Last Word” David Cay Johnston accused Melania Trump of doing what he called sneaky porn.

Johnston and Maddow discussed the tax returns when the subject turned to the Presidents wife. Host Lawrence O’Donnell moderated the panel. While they were exchanging remarks they noted that Trump has wages and salary income which is strange for a person of his position.

That is when Johnston said it was likely from Melania Trumps modeling days. But O’Donnell noted she was never that successful at it that a significant income would be noted on her husband’s taxes. Johnston interjected that Melania Trump really didn’t sneaky porn.

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This is a perfect example of liberal hypocrisy. They enjoy standing on their moral high horse pointing their finger at Trump and calling him a sexist, xenophobic, bigot. But when people within their own party do the same they give them a free pass. Look no further than Nancy Pelosi not defending Kellyanne Conway after one of her Congressional colleagues made lewd sexual comments about her Oval Office couch picture.

Now they are attacking Melania Trump in a sexist way and nobody is defending her. Oh, how the mighty have mighty big double standards. They like to talk the talk but they can’t walk the walk.

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