(IJ Review) Elections are all about turnout. Period. Irrespective of “what percentage of Americans believe this, or that,” the party that gets a greater number of its supporters to the polls than the other party wins. Every time.

Speaking of parties, women’s magazine Cosmopolitan has come up with what it believes to be a surefire way to entice people to vote in next month’s midterm elections:

Fill a party bus full of topless models, food and other fun stuff, show up at a university, and drive students to the polls.

“On Election Day, a bus decked out with snacks, swag, and models (hi, this is Cosmo) will roll up to North Carolina State University, the winner of Cosmopolitan.com’s first-ever party bus contest. The bus will shuttle students back and forth to a nearby polling location so students can vote.”

Here’s how the magazine promoted the contest:

Do you want to help students get excited to vote? Do you need a ~pArTy bUs~ courtesy of Cosmopolitan.com to literally get students to the polls?

Convince the Cosmo editors that you’re serious about getting people excited for Election Day, and you could win the #CosmoVotes grand prize:

A party bus that will shuttle students to the polls, stocked with snacks, prizes, shirtless male models, and more. 

Yeah, topless male models.

The magazine endorsed ten Democrats, based on their views on abortion, contraception and “equal pay.”

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