Major University BANS Christmas decorations on entire campus!


It didn’t take Ebenezer Scrooge or the Grinch to cancel Christmas.

At one college, the end of holiday cheer was due to one thing: Liberalism

A representative from the University of Maine recently sent out an email to the faculty and staff, and warned them that they were not allowed to display Christmas decorations.

That order was given in the name of “diversity.” Apparently, the university’s version of being open minded and accepting is to shut down any expression that isn’t pre-approved.

“Just wanted to remind everyone that Aux Services is not to decorate any public areas with Christmas or any other religious themed decorations,” the email stated. “Winter holiday decorations are fine but we need to not display any decoration that could be perceived as religious.” [H/T: Right Wing News]

“This includes xmas trees, wreaths, xmas presents, menorahs, candy canes, etc.,” the message continued. “What is allowed our [sic] winter themes, snowmen, plain trees without presents underneath, decorative lights, but not on trees, snow flakes, [sic] etc.”

“[T]he university makes every effort to ensure that all members – students, employees, alumni and the public–feel included and welcome on campus,” said the university email.

It seems that “included and welcome” doesn’t actually apply to people who celebrate Christmas, however.

“Decorations on the UMaine campus are therefore reflective of the diversity found in our community,” concluded the message.

In what bizarre world does diversity mean banning even the most lighthearted symbol of the Christmas holiday?

The backward email is a sad indictment of modern universities.

At one time, American colleges were places that genuinely defended different viewpoints and encouraged free speech and discourse.

Ironically, banning symbols of expression is the complete opposite of what a liberal arts university is supposed to represent.

It is impossible to stand for actual diversity while banning and censoring something as mundane as a candy cane.

When political correctness takes over, freedom of expression disappears.

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