The advance of Sharia Law has been stopped in Tennessee, thanks to two Christian groups who stood their ground and just won a huge victory for the First Amendment.

Major Victory for the 1st Amendment in Tennessee Leaves Muslims Fuming

Representatives from the Christian-based groups, ACT! for America, along with William J. Becker from the Freedom X association, sued a school district in Knoxville, Tennessee for a violation of their rights to free speech.

Originally, school officials gave the green light allowing ACT! for America to host a discussion about the encroachment of Sharia Law in America, but predictably, local Muslims and CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) contacted the school to object to the announced event.

Abdel Rahman Murphy, a Muslim Imam at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, contacted the school’s superintendent, arguing that although he supported the right to free speech, he felt the event would endanger the “safe and inclusive learning environment” of the school.

Major Victory for the 1st Amendment in Tennessee Leaves Muslims Fuming

The radical “civil rights” group CAIR was quick to jump on the opposition band wagon, with Director Ibrahim Hooper screaming that the discussion vilified Muslims, claiming that the school hosting the event would send “an implicit message of endorsement for the bigoted views of the speakers.” He said in his letter to the school:

“We believe this event will be viewed as having the endorsement of school officials and has the potential to promote bullying and to create a hostile learning environment for Muslim students. It may also serve to create a negative impression of Islam and Muslims in the minds of students of all faiths.

“We support the First Amendment right to free speech — even the kind of hate speech used by these speakers — but believe, because of the need for a safe and inclusive learning environment, that a school is not the proper setting such an event.”

“I therefore respectfully request that you review district policies to determine whether you high school is an appropriate venue for a potentially hate-filled program.”

After the school cowered to the harsh Muslim opposition, the event was canceled. That’s when representatives from the Christian groups sprang into action. On August 4 they filed suit against the school district and just short three weeks later, the lawyers for the school conceded, realizing that “litigation would have been futile.”

In addition to paying the plaintiffs’ attorney fees, the district also rewrote the school’s policy which governs the use of the facility. It read:

“[a]pproval for use of school buildings and property will not be withheld based upon the content of the message or viewpoint of the applicant.”

These small victories are moving us in the right direction as a country! On Tuesday, there was another victory against Sharia Law when voters in Alabama voted to amend their state Constitution, banning the inclusion of any type of foreign law from being recognized in their courts.

Major Victory for the 1st Amendment in Tennessee Leaves Muslims Fuming

The chuckleheads at CAIR, proven co-conspirators who finance terrorism, can take their complaint and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. If these Muslims want our legal system to recognize their psychotic religious laws which allow for things such as the stoning of gays and women who have been raped (this is seen as a form of adultery in this religion), then perhaps they should take advantage of one of America’s freedoms… the right to leave!

The doctrine they subscribe to does not coincide with the freedoms and rights set forth by our Constitution, and we as Americans are not going to allow this sickness to infiltrate our country! This is a victory for freedom and a victory for America.


-Courtesy of Mad World News

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