Make America Mexico Again, Anti-Trump Protestors Riding On The Coattails Of Trump

Donald Trump’s infamous campaign slogan is, “Make America Great Again.” Now an anti-Trump protester has commandeered the saying. Hey, they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Ahead of Saturday’s Donald Trump rally in the Grand Canyon State an anti-Trump protester held up signs that said, ‘”Make America Mexico Again.” This took place while anti-Trump protesters demonstrated. A KKK balloon was inflated that read, “Make America Hate Again.”

They can be seen on social media,

At a previous Trump rally in Arizona protesters made national news when anti-Trump agitators blocked and clogged the highway and chained themselves and others to cars in order to prevent Trump supporters from getting to the rally. In March anti-Trump agitators also harassed and threatened Trump supporters as they entered the rally going so far as throwing eggs at people.

One Tucson police officer labeled the anti-Trump agitators,

the most hateful, evil people he has ever seen.”

Some anti-Trump protesters were even wearing Mexican flags. Because only in the United States can you blatantly show disrespect to your own country without fear of retaliation. By disrespecting the people who sacrificed their lives for your safety and right to disregard your own flag.

Some protesters have been found to be paid $15 an hour to protest. Because nothing says entitled leftist indignation, decrying corrupt greed, then people who are paid to feign moral outrage. The comedy and irony behind it is laughable.

People on the left point to Trump and say he demonizes whole segments of society by being racist and xenophobic. That he epitomizes corrupt greed. Yet these same people aren’t willing to express this moral outrage unless they’re paid $15 an hour. These same people who yell, taunt, harass and threaten people who think differently than them. Welcome to the Democratic Party of America.

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