MAKE NOTE: Was This The Reason We Saw NO Riots While Trump Visited Texas?

An armed society is a polite society – and nobody knows that more than those living in the Lone Star State.

It’s hard to watch videos of the numerous cases of violence that broke out at Trump rallies without getting angry. Supporters are attacked with no way to protect themselves, while police stand by doing nothing (like in San Jose).

That wasn’t the case in Texas – where protestors were on their best behavior. ClashDaily reports:

Trump’s rally in Texas seemed to go very differently than the ones that took place in California, and none of his supporters were harmed or attacked. Do you think there’s a reason for this? Short answer: Yes; and it’s a big one. The fact that Texas is an open carry state might have been the reason.

Quoting from the Daily Mail:

Protesters massed outside, but so did pro-Trump ‘open carry’ activists legally toting rifles as they watched.

A group of pro-Trump activists from the ‘open-carry’ movement brought their rifles to Trump’s event, a practice that is legal in Texas – but Secret Service wouldn’t allow the weapons inside.

It’s much harder to assault Trump’s supporters when they’re armed. No wonder liberals hate the Second Amendment so much.

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