Make It Stop! Now Amazon’s Same-Day Delivery Service Is Racist

In a world where everything is racist, it stands to reason that everything is racist. The latest sinister plot to be revealed is that Amazon’s same-day delivery service discriminates against black people. If it seems silly that some black people have to wait a couple of days to get something they ordered from the Internet is racist, that’s because it is, and like all racism, it isn’t remotely based on fact.

The Christian Science Monitor brings us this new insipid form of racism and they do it as insipidly as possible. Here’s how things start out:

For many black consumers and especially those who have experienced discrimination in retail shops, Amazon presents a good option for shopping without being followed around or singled out.

Or is it?

Did you get that? Black people can’t shop in brick and mortar stores without getting racially profiled so Internet shopping is their only option and now even that has become racist.

The racism this article is talking about is Amazon’s Prime service, which offers 2-day shipping on most items and same-day shipping on orders of $35 and over. We learn that:

The service, which is now available in 27 US metro areas, covers about 1,000 cities across the country.

And the problem is:

Amazon’s same-day shipping service often excludes predominantly black neighborhoods in six major cities.

In New York, for example, the service excludes the Bronx which is mostly inhabited by black and Hispanic residents. In Atlanta, same-day deliver covers half of the northern area, which is predominantly white, and leaves out the southern part of the city that has a predominant black population. In Boston, the neighborhood of Roxbury, has no service but is bordered on all sides by same-day-delivery zones. Roxbury is predominantly a black neighborhood with 62.29 African Americans, 15.83 percent Caucasians, and 1.92 percent Asians..

Are you outraged yet? That’s right, 6 predominately black neighborhoods in the 1,000 cities that Amazon Prime services can’t get same-day delivery.

I think a great question here would be: Are there any predominately white neighborhoods that also do not get same-day delivery from Amazon? This question is obviously not answered because it is a certainty that there are white neighborhoods in America that are excluded from Amazon Prime delivery.

While the article is kind of silent on this question, it does sort of blow it’s own premise out of the water:

[In] Los Angeles, Amazon happily offers services to more black customers than white.

Wait, I’m confused. It’s racist for Amazon to offer same-day delivery to more whites than blacks in some cities, but it’s not racist to offer it to more blacks than whites in Los Angeles? I suppose that makes as much sense as anything else the lefties call racism in this country.

For their part, Amazon insists that its shipping policies are not racist:

Amazon officials say that its delivery decisions aren’t based on the ethnic composition of a neighborhood, but several factors including the concentration of Prime members, as well as the proximity of the area to Amazon’s warehouses.

Oh, it’s based on sound economic factors. Have you even read anything as racist as that?

Luckily, this problem, which is not a problem, and that no one has proven exists, comes with a great liberal solution:

What can companies do to avoid problems like this? Having a diverse staff with the background to notice Hey, maybe leaving out the Bronx, South Side, and Roxbury isn’t the best branding idea seems like a good start.

Like everything else, it can all be fixed with racial quotas. Nothing solves non-existent racism like actual racism.

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