Malia’s Boy Toy Just Avoided A Prison Sentence, Is Deeply Rooted To Obama And Chicago’s Thug Culture!

Malia Obama was seen twerking and toking the marijuana at Lollapalooza, but it’s who she was with that’s the problem. It’s normal for people to attend music festivals and enjoy themselves. We can’t come down on her for that. She’s doing what everyone else does at a concert.

Her Daddy, Mr. Obama himself, shouldn’t be mad at her either. He should be glad she’s out enjoying her life like a normal kid.

However, he should be concerned about the loser she chose to hang out with. Malia was hanging out with a dirtbag, good for nothing, scallywag low budget degenerate fake rapper named Taylor Bennet. You probably haven’t heard of him because he’s not popular. That’s what happens when people who keep trying to be rappers are unheard of.

The bigger problem, besides his inability to be a successful rapper worth listening to, is that he’s well known by police. He has a violent record and Obama shouldn’t want his daughter hanging out with losers like this. As a father, he must be disgusted by who she’s investing time in. There has to be much better people who Malia can spend time with.

Mad World News – the 20-year-old guy by her side in that leaked footage is rapper Taylor Bennett, who is well known by cops in Cook County, Illinois, and he is now in trouble with the law again. Bennett was charged with aggravated battery in 2014 for brutally beating a man so bad that he caused a brain bleed in the victim.

This thug was let off easy after committing that crime since he was given summary probation in lieu of jail time, after pleading no contest to one felony and two misdemeanors he was charged with. However, on August 4, 2016, right after partying with the president’s daughter, he was found to be in “violation of supervision” and ordered back to court for probation violation, Radar reported.

Totally makes sense for him to avoid jail. His family has a friend in Obama. That’s normal and how things go. But that doesn’t mean Malia needs to hang out with this creepster.

Malia can find better friends than this guy.

He has a child molester mustache and looks like a loser and a creep. Usually it’s one or the other, but he looks like both and his violent past should be concerning. He shouldn’t be within 100 yards of the President’s family.

Maybe she’s in her rebellion stage where she hangs out with losers to make her parents mad. Maybe not.

I say keep having fun, but find a new friend to get turnt up with.

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