CLASSLESS: Malia Obama Flashes A Little More Than People Wanted To See At Music Festival (VIDEO)

18-year-old recent graduate and first child Malia Obama had a bit of a snafoo on stage at the Lollapalooza concert festival in Chicago when her skirt got lifted up and exposed part of her bum. It wasn’t by accident either. Some people are upset about it while others could not really care any less about it.

The video shows fans holding a camera and taking a video of Malia with friends while standing on the stage. While the music roles she takes a second and then does a dance move while lifting up her dress and exposes part of her underwear and her right butt cheek.

See the video here from Twitter.

Some other social media posts show her enjoying herself and having a good time while dancing to music.

The video shows her listening and watching the Cashmere Cat performer on stage. He’s a Norwegian producer and musician. Malia also took in Mac Miller on set on Friday. The White House has refused to comment on the matter thus far. Malia has attended other festivals such as the 2014 Chance the Rapper event. This isn’t her rodeo.

While she definitely had poor judgment in the moment considering her father is in the public eye I think if this is the worst thing she does then she’s doing pretty well. For someone whose weathered the storm of media castigation throughout her difficult teen years she’s managed to end up at Harvard University. Let’s all give her a little break.

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