Malia Obama Shows Off Sick Trick Her Mom Taught Her While Celebrating National Holiday Named After Her

It is the final weeks of Malia Obama’s gap year before she begins Harvard in the Fall, and she is not wasting a moment of it. Malia has been quite the social butterfly over the last year ever since turning 18 years old and has been caught hobnobbing with celebrities and socialites on a regular basis. Malia’s actions have gained her celebrity status from the impressionable youth around the country. Now, these young people are pushing for a National Holiday to be renamed in Malia’s honor which has conservatives reeling.

The Obama family reached a celebrity status during Barack Obama’s term as president. The family’s inner circle often included and was surrounded by professional athletes, rappers, and Hollywood actors. The Obama’s were treated as royalty by the glitterati and they seemed to bask in the hero worship. While all of the Obama’s loved the constant attention they received, Michelle Obama seemed to really adore it and was often seen hanging with celebrities. At the time the Obama’s children were young and impressionable and learned early on how to entertain the Hollywood elite. Apparently, Malia was a quick study and has been following in her mother’s footsteps by partying with rappers and living a socialite life. Now, because of the Obama’s close ties with the Hollywood stars, they are calling that the Fourth of July is renamed in Malia’s honor.

You see, Malia was born on Independence Day and for years leftist trolls have been trying to get the patriotic day renamed. It all started on the Fourth of July when Chance the rapper suggested that July 4th is not about America’s independence, but Malia Obama Day.

Of course, the liberal dolts thought the untalented rapper was onto something and began to tweet Happy Malia Obama Day too.

One of these uneducated fools even baked Malia a cake.

This is what Inquisitr had to say about the fictitious holiday.

Over the last few years, many Americans have taken to not celebrating certain public holidays because of their alleged oppressive origins. The refusal of several people to acknowledge Columbus Day, for example, because it is directly connected with the invasion of America’s native population by Europeans, is a case in point. Apart from the disillusionment of certain Americans with the Trump administration, African-Americans who tweeted the world a “Happy Malia Obama Day” also pointed out that they could not celebrate Fourth of July when the welfare of minorities in present-day America did not feature prominently on the White House’s agenda.

But, of course, such perceived humor did not go down well with certain Twitter users, who argued that people who were choosing to celebrate “Malia Obama Day” instead of the Fourth of July were disrespecting the country. As Mail Online reported, a great number of critics came with a conservative leaning and were fans of President Trump, and did not take to the toasting of Malia’s birthday over that of the country with candor.

“All of you need help for disrespecting the country and the people who fight to preserve the independence we have,” wrote one Twitter user.

Wait a minute here. These people are saying they cannot celebrate America’s birthday because the present-day White House agenda is not about minorities? These liberal loons have lost their damn minds if you ask me. For instance, President Trump appointed Ben Carson as the HUD director since it is his passion to get black people out of the ghettoes. Carson wants to help fix the destruction that the Democrats have done to the black community since the 1960’s. And, let’s not forget the fact that Donald Trump is doing more to help the black community than Obama did for them in the past eight years. President Trump signed an Executive Order earlier this year that will funnel more money to black colleges.

Oh, but you won’t hear that from the left now, will you? At any rate, let us get back to Malia Obama and this absurd “holiday”. The fact that Malia nor her family came out and said that this was disrespectful to the country is absolutely disgusting. It gives the optics that they agree that the Fourth of July should be renamed to honor a twerking, partying teenage girl.

If this girl had an ounce of maturity in her she would renounce it, but she rather basks in the glory from her “fans”. It is obvious that Malia lacked some important lessons from her parents about respect for our country and what it stands for. The only lesson she paid attention to was learning tricks from her mother on how to become a celebrity.

Our country was not founded on being popular or even being liked. America was founded on the blood of those who gave so that future generations could have freedom and liberty. If Malia does not believe in our country and what it was founded on then she and her ungrateful parents can relinquish their citizenship and live somewhere else.



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