Malia Obama Challenges Tiffany Trump – Gets A BRUTAL Wake Up Call

While Americans prepare for, hopefully, the Trumps to enter the Whitehouse, some people have started comparing the Trump family with the Obama family.

tiffany trump 1

The less talked about Tiffany Trump is now 21. Unlike her older siblings she has been kept hidden from the public most of her life in California. It’s clear based on the humble lifestyle she raised with that she is clearly a better role model for Americans than Malia Obama.

Malia was given a privileged lifestyle using the taxpayers money. Need I remind you the million dollar vacations and thousand dollar dresses given to the Obama girls. Tiffany was treated like a regular kid in Calabasas, CA. Along with the lavish lifestyle that the American taxpayer has afforded to Malia Obama she’s become quite the party girl. Here are risqué pictures of her that have surfaces this year.
malia party
malia pot

Malia has been mooching off her father for jobs and social boosts. Last year she accepted a major Hollywood internship at 16 which opened the door for her internship on the set of an x-rates TV series. Sounds like a daughter America can be proud of. Well, at least the current loathsome culture that America is suffering now. Unlike Malia, Tiffany has stayed out of the party scene in High School, focusing on her studies instead. Malia has been spotted partying at drug-fueled ragers in Chicago. What the hell is she doing in Chicago anyway? Like who drove her? Unlike Malias pot-smoking pics, Tiffany is like any other teenager posting fun selfies of the life she lives. Here is one of her doing yoga while studying in the library.
tiffany trump yoga

Tiffany’s hard work in school paid off as she graduated and was accepted into an Ivy league University. Unlike other girls her age who post photos of themselves partying all night, Tiffany regularly posts photos online of herself spending the night studying in the library. This is a clear attempt to inspire other young people to hit the books instead of the bars.
tiffany trump and mom

In the end, it’s clear that Tiffany Trump would be a much more inspirational first daughter than Malia Obama. While Malia encourages young people to party and mooch off their parents, Tiffany inspires American kids to work hard and carve their own path in life.
Her father has taught her well.

tiffany trump college-graduation

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