Malia Obama’s Punishment For Smoking Weed Was To Wear This T-Shirt!

It seems like every parent dreads going through those rebellious teenage years, when your kids hate you and do all they can to make life as stressful as possible. Unfortunately for the last few presidents, they’ve had to go through those roller-coaster teenage years with millions of people watching every move that they — and their teenage children — make. And Barack Obama is dealing with a daughter seemingly doing everything she can to threaten his parental authority. And her latest stunt is further proof of that.

Last month, Malia went to Lollapalooza, where she was caught smoking a huge joint:

A week later, she was caught at a huge party in Martha’s Vineyard by police.

Obama was reportedly furious over Malia’s behavior, even though he has his own checkered path concerning drug use, which includes not only using pot, but also cocaine. He has continued smoking cigarettes, even during the presidency, although he has allegedly cut back on his habit and tried to quit.

smoking kills

Well, this weekend, Malia attended Budweiser’s “Made in America” festival in Philadelphia, clad in a shirt with the words “Smoking Kills” written on it.

The interesting thing is the utter lack of media coverage over Malia’s transgressions. Now, that’s not to say that she should be hounded and have her teenage mistakes rubbed in her face. She’s a teenager. She’s going to mess up. She’s going to do dumb things. That’s to be expected. But remember the treatment the Bush twins got? They were caught drinking underage, and the media put them through the ringer. Malia gets caught using drugs, and there’s nothing more than a collective yawn. She should be happy that her dad has a (D) behind his name, because otherwise, she’d probably still be reading breathless op-eds about how she’s out of control.

There’s still the question of why Malia is trying to do this. Is she purposely looking to make her father angry? There’s no telling what’s going on in her mind, but she’s hardly the first teenager to intentionally poke at their parents (nor will she be the last). How far does she want to take this, though? Because the election is looming, and if she really wants to make him mad, she could always just cast a vote against Hillary…

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