Malia Is In Serious Trouble After What Was Just Found Out About Her Personal iPhone She Lost

While Malia Obama is enjoying her privileged private education at Harvard, she has long since forgotten about the cellphone she somewhat recently lost. It wasn’t a concern of hers since she has since replaced it and gone on enjoying life at college, sheltered in her own dorm room that she doesn’t have to share with anyone else.

Some things are never gone for good, which is especially the case with technology that can be accessed remotely. Phones hold a lot of information, including irreplaceable photos, videos, and notes.

Although the former first daughter was being protected by Secret Service at the time her iPhone went missing, there’s one thing that they couldn’t help her with.

Like her mother, Malia enjoys a party, escape from responsibility, and a substantial amount of relaxation. Perhaps this was the reason why the Obama’s eldest daughter took a year off from getting into the college grind. Her escapades were well documented in that so-called “gap year,” but now that the party is over, the truth has just come out based on what happened with her iPhone.

As was widely reported over the summer, the 19-year-old attended the concert festival Lollapalooza with her friends again this year. This event has been wrought wth debauchery for the Obama darling who has been seen in the past in a picture from the event that appears as if she’s smoking a marijuana cigarette. This year, video captured worse and was also the where she happened to lose her cellphone.

Malia was writhing on the ground in an exceptionally odd manner with a style of dance never seen before. Some questioned what she had consumed that led her to pounding on the ground in a pseudo-dance move during one of her favorite band’s performances, TMZ reported. However, there’s one thing that’s come out about little miss Malia long since that ruckus concert ended.

“In a short video clip filmed at the festival, 19-year-old Malia was seen letting her hair down and dancing wildly with a friend as The Killers performed on stage, according to Page Six,” the Daily Mail reported. “But at some point during the festivities, Malia lost her iPhone and had to have it replaced at an Apple store in Chicago. The Secret Service reportedly accompanied her to the store.”

Although it was her personal phone she had lost, Malia couldn’t remember her Apple ID or password when she went to the Apple store to get a new phone. Not even the Secret Service surrounding her there could help her with that one. Without being able to access her lost phone remotely and transfer the information over to her new device, she’s in a serious predicament if there’s anything she hoped to retrieve from the lost phone.

“Malia came into the Apple Store to get her iPhone replaced, but things didn’t go exactly [as planned],” a witness told Page Six. “The Apple Store couldn’t immediately help her because she didn’t have the Apple ID or the password for the missing phone, since the White House set it up.”

There’s probably a way to lock that phone remotely in the event that it is found so that nobody can access your private files, but unless that’s happened quickly after realizing the device was lost, whoever found it could have gotten what they wanted from it before Malia realized she didn’t have it on her. Considering what else happened at Lollapalooza when Malia was leaving, there’s the potential that it was too late once she went to the Apple store.

According to TMZ, Malia was seen being hauled off in a golf cart after the concert festival. She was photographed on that ride appearing as if she was sleeping or otherwise passed out. Since it was late and she may or may not have been incoherent, there’s no telling how long it was from when she lost her phone to when she realized it was lost.

The potential privacy breach isn’t the only concern here. The fact that she had no clue about basic info on her phone (the Apple ID and password) which is needed frequently, suggests just how much must be done her her that she doesn’t have to do for herself.

Malia has been raised with privilege and entitlement and now that she’s not a “kid” anymore, she’s opened herself up to public scrutiny with her adult antics — despite what rules liberals claim about “kids” being off limits, so long as they aren’t President Trump’s grandkids.

Entertainment reporters at TMZ were covering Lollapalooza this year when they saw first hand how out of control Malia got. This isn’t the “perfect” eldest daughter the Obamas gloated about raising.


Much of the nation gave the former President George W. Bush’s twins endless criticism for their drunken escapade. So before people start griping about “leaving the kids alone” and letting Malia be a young adult who does stupid things, they should consider that double standard.

Barack and Michelle weren’t around much when they were raising their two little princesses in the White House, despite what they made it look like to the public. Michelle’s mom, the girls’ grandmother, was their resident nanny and took care of them, along with the Secret Service who watched after them and apparently still do now. Meanwhile, Michelle spent her time mingling with Hollywood heavyweights, and now her daughter is just following in her footsteps.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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