Malik Obama Thinks Hillary May Have Cheated During Debate… Look At This!

Everyone was pretty shocked when President Obama’s half brother was invited to the final presidential debate – as a guest of Donald Trump no less. Clearly all is not right and well in the Obama household. During the debate in Las Vegas he took pictures with Trump’s campaign manager and ended up sitting in the section for Trump supporters.

Now he is telling the media that he believes Clinton cheated during the debate last night. It’s not the first time Republicans have accused her of doing so. Malik posted a statement to Twitter in which he indicated his feelings that he thought she cheated.

However, the accusations are not entirely unfounded. Wikileaks released information that proved Hillary Clinton was caught red handed reading a script during a MSNBC interview.

She has been accused on several occasions of reading scripts and not being authentic. In fact one of the biggest allegations that have come because of the Wikileaks releases other than her emails is that she has led a highly scripted inauthentic campaign.

Bill Mitchell also posted to Twitter to say what he felt about the situation,

If Hillary can not even get through a debate with her opponent how does anyone think she is capable to running the free world? She is touted as a confidant, successful woman yet she runs a highly scripted campaign in which she requires constant notes and preparation in order to be able to even function.

Guess what, the President will often have to deal with unstable constantly changing situations. What is she going to do then when she has no time to prepare? She won’t be able to do the job at hand. She will be woefully unprepared. Which is yet another reason why she is not fit to be the President of the United States.

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