Mall Santa Loses Job For Telling Girl Hillary Clinton On Naughty List

A Mall Santa Claus is currently unemployed this week when he voiced his opinion to a 10-year-old girl.

The incident took place at the Seminole Towne Center mall in Sanford, Fla.

WKMG-TV in Orlando, Fla. Reported Friday that Santa was fired after the mother complained to mall management.

The girl and her mother, who both supported Clinton, complained to mall management of the Santa’s comments on Tuesday night.
The mother told management that when her daughter told Santa what she wanted for Christmas, he told her that she was on the “nice list”. Then he asked her if she knew who was on his “naughty List”. The Mother said when her daughter asked who, he said “Hillary Clinton” and Laughed.

WKMG-TV reported that the mother took to Facebook to post about the encounter, and noted that Clinton was the only person on his naughty list. She also wrote that her daughter supported Clinton in the presidential election, as did she. Seriously!? The daughter only “supported” Hillary because her mother did.

Mall Santa’s are just fake Santa’s, but I guess this Santa couldn’t fake his option of Hillary. He chose to exercise his freedom of speech and let this 10-year-old girl know how he feels about Clinton.

The company Noerr Programs, which hire’s out Santa’s for Mall’s across the Country,told WKMG-TV that the Santa, who was not named, thought it was a joke (He laughed after his comment, after all, which is the universal response to a joke being told) but when the mother called to complain, he was replaced with another back up Santa. Spokesman Charlie Russell said Noerr apologized to the girl’s family.

Russell also said they sent Santa to counseling in human resources. No word if this Santa will be returning to his duties any time soon.

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