Mall Terrorist Father Releases Statement on Son, Proves How Liberals Will Spin Narrative

The story of last Saturday’s Minnesota mall stabbing attack was the result of a lack of integration from Muslim immigrants.

The suspect was 22 year old college student Dahir Adan, who is a Somali-American. He stabbed nine people before being shot dead by a former police chief and concealed carry permit holder. As we should’ve expected, it took a good guy with a gun to end the situation.

Hilarious (or pathetically?) it took the media a few days to identify this as an Islamist attack, despite the fact that the attacker was literally shouting “Allah Akbar” as he was stabbing people. Did they think he misspoke and mean to be shouting “Praise Jesus!”?

Yeah…. I don’t think so either. As it turns out, both Adan and the rest of his family were immigrants who made no attempt to assimilate into American culture whatsoever.

As the Young Cons reported:

Adan His father, Ahmed Adan, said, through a translator, that he had no indication that his son was a terrorist, according to the Tribune.

The elder Adan said his son was a Somalian who was born in Kenya and came to America from his African home about 15 years ago.

The Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the attack and called Adan “a soldier of the Islamic State” who “carried out the operation in response to the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition.”

Adan’s father, with help of a translator, said he had no idea his son was a terrorist. He added that Dahir came to America 15 years ago after being born in Kenya.

People had a lot to say about Middle Eastern and African refugees assimilating in America…

In Europe, particularly those countries that have taken in massive amounts of Muslim migrants, particularly France Belgium, and the Netherlands, there have definitely been problems assimilating Muslim immigrants. If you poll American Muslims, you’ll find that the vast majority describe themselves as “Muslim first,” instead of “American first.”

And when Trump says he’d deport all Muslims who express support for Sharia Law, there are liberals who have a problem with that! Think about that for a second…

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