Man With AR-15 Live Streams Himself Attacking Trump Supporter Over MAGA Bumper Sticker, Watch What Happened Next!


WTF does that mean?

I don’t know either, but that’s what the “oppressed” gun-toting, illiterate racist, potential murderer, thug bully, says to a guy who voted for Trump.

You mean this is actually a thing? Now, if you voted for someone, that someone else doesn’t like, you get threatened with MURDER for it? The man didn’t say specifically that he would kill anyone. However, he had an assault rifle in his possession and what do you think happens when someone you don’t know yells hostile things at you and has a gun. You fear that you’ll be shot. That’s called murder. He didn’t specifically threaten the man with words, but his actions, tone, and hostility were enough to gather the possibility that a Trump bumper sticker almost got someone killed.

I remember a time when you could vote for whoever you wanted and people respected it. Nowadays, if you’re caught voting for a republican candidate, the bullies on the left threaten you with violence.

Who is this guy to threaten a Trump voter? My taxes probably bought that guy’s ugly shirt and put food on his welfare table. Who does this loser think he is? Watch him prove to America why the people who act like the Neal YsdalHothead Norles should stay in school and get an edumacation. It appears as though the man in the video didn’t value education, because if he did, then he probably wouldn’t walk around with an assault rifle and scare people because of who they voted for. He might also have better command of the English language instead of a lust for sounding as ghetto as humanly possible.

The man with the gun told the other guy to take his Trump bumper sticker off. The other guy declined. The man with the gun took it off for him, violating personal property and putting his hands where they don’t belong.

We don’t like that sh*t! You gotta take that sh*t off your truck bro!”

When the stranger declines, the man filming says, “let me show you what’s going to happen,” returns to his vehicle, retrieves an assault rifle and walks towards his victim.

The video ends when the thug rips the sticker from the stranger’s car. reportedly reached out to the perp, who called their reporter Cassandra Fairbanks “crazy as hell” and insisted he never threatened anyone.

“I neva pointed my gun at him nor made a threat to him saying I would kill him,” he reportedly wrote. “Yea I threatened his property I will take that but nevva once did I threat [sic] his life.”

That exchange apparently ended with “Norles” telling Cassandra to “suck it easy baby.”

When a bewildered crazy person walks towards me with a gun, they don’t have to say it. I already think they’re going to do the worst.

His punishment should be working in a factory that presses #MAGA stickers by the millions. Then he should hand deliver them to ever Trump supporter.

Another punishment for him could be to finish school. I have a strong suspicion that he may not have finished. He’s not the most well-spoken fella on the block, that’s for sure.

If he was, then maybe he wouldn’t be “about to start set trippin” or whatever that means.

Does Black Lives Matter condone and disavow this behavior?

Editor’s note: The man who pulled the gun, Neal Norles, has in the past been charged with rape, theft, and other felony crimes according to His Facebook page is here.

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