Man Gets BRUTALLY ATTACKED By Massive GRIZZLY BEAR, Survived And FILMED Aftermath! (VIDEO)

Todd Orr has a bloody story to tell.

So he’s wandering around, being a nature boy, and that’s when the bear decides to play around with his body like a life-size Stretch Armstrong.

Bear spray worked enough to help keep Todd alive, but it didn’t prevent the attack.

If the bear hit the front of his face, his neck, or even his inner thigh where the femoral artery runs, then Mr. Orr may not be the subject of his own selfie video detailing the day of his bear attack.

This man had to be calm as can be during his bear attack that probably felt like the scene in the movie Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio.

While this man may not be as rich as DiCaprio, he sure has a huge pair of steel nuts resting under his man bolt. There’s no way you can ever deny his man-card.

If you see Todd Orr at a local pub, then certainly buy this man a round or two. He deserves it more than Tim Kaine’s eyebrow deserves to be raised, or more than Tim Kaine’s next bottle deserves to be tipped until empty, being that he looks like an incoherent drunkard who just left a 12-step meeting.


Should Todd Orr run for President?

I think so.

A man who can fight with bears must have a heart of gold and a pair of steel nuts in his trousers. What says America more than heart and nuts? I don’t see either of that in our presidential candidates now.

What would a bear attack survivor do as President? First he would mount a grizzly above his desk, then make a statue of him fighting a mob of feminist transgender bears, and finally tell BLM to grow up and read a book.

Then he’d force liberal democrats to move to a third world country where they can ruin something else.


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