Man Claims He Was Assaulted for Filming This Incident at Frat House: ‘You’re So F***ed! Why Would you Record It?’


Excerpted from TheBlaze:

A man said Monday he was physically assaulted after recording the aftermath of a purported break in at an Ohio college fraternity house.

Video captured by the unidentified individual shows him on a public sidewalk filming the chaotic scene when he is confronted by a “lookout.”

Keep going man, c’mon,” the man told the individual recording. “No, seriously, these are my f**kin boys. If you get them in trouble because of this — stop!”

“Can you keep walking dude?” he reiterated a few moments later in the video. “Seriously.”

The individual recording still refused to leave and continued taping the incident which reportedly took place at Miami University’s Kappa Alpha house.

“Seriously, get the f**k out of here,” he is warned again. “Seriously, get the f**k out of here. Get the f**k out of here.”

After a couple more minutes, the lookout made the decision to inform his apparent friends that there was someone recording them.

“You’re so f**ked! Why would you record it? You dumb f**king idiot.”

“You’re so f**ked! Why would you record it? You dumb f**king idiot,” one of the individuals told the cameraman as the group approached him.

“Yo, w’ere about to, yo, this kid’s recording all of it,” he added.

At that point, the group appeared to begin physically assaulting the individual recording.

“Get the f**k off me!” he exclaimed to them. “Get the f**k off me!”

A few moments later, the video suddenly ends. An individual claiming to be the cameraman later posted on Reddit a description of what happened after he stopped recording.

“I’m fine, I’m a bouncer at one of the local bars,” he wrote. “They followed me for 3 blocks trying to grab me and get my phone. Said they would kill me trying to punch and smacking me with a bag of begals [sic] etc… Once I got to the bar I went inside and everything else was taken care of. I can’t really get into what happened after I went inside, but I’m fine.”

The video was later uploaded to YouTube Sunday where it has amassed nearly half-a-million views.


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