Man Declined For Brazen EBT Purchase, Gets Arrested For His Entitled Tantrum

From Mad World News

A Florida man has been arrested after an EBT (food stamps) purchase was declined, and he took matters into his own hands. The fact that he then tried to steal the merchandise isn’t as shocking as what he was trying to buy, and it paints an ugly picture about the welfare abuse in our society.

Food stamps and welfare are meant to be for necessities, so you can imagine the confusion that occurred when a man arrived at an auto dealership in Pompano Beach, set on buying a $60,000 BMW using his credit card and EBT card. Knowing the EBT card is meant for food, the managers were perplexed, but they “declined 36-year-old Nicholas Jackson’s business” when he offered to pay with food stamps.

The vehicle he attempted to purchase using an EBT card.

Jackson, obviously suffering from the entitled mentality that infects many welfare abusers, wasn’t about to take no for an answer. He “appeared determined to have that BMW one way or another,” the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said in a release, and he returned to the dealership the next day.

This time, he wasn’t even going to try to negotiate. Instead, he broke into the dealership and stole the car, as well as keys to “as many as 60 other vehicles,” Fox News Insider reports. Luckily, he didn’t get far. With no money to refuel, he ran out of gas, making it easy for detectives to track down the car when Jackson stalled at an intersection.

Jackson being arrested (left), the additional keys he stole (right)

Jackson has since been charged with grand theft auto. His bail is set at $20,000, and it’s safe to say that he won’t be allowed to use his EBT card to pay for that either.

Welcome to the “transformed” America, folks. Where members of our “civilized” society actually think it’s reasonable to buy a luxury automobile using food stamps provided to them by the American taxpayer, who works over 40 hours a week and is lucky to drive a Honda. Sadly, there’s no mention of whether Jackson is even being investigated for welfare fraud.

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