Man Faces LIFE In Prison After What He Did With Bacon Around Muslims

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A Florida man was so fed up with demands of the entitled Islamic minority that he decided to show a group of Muslims that he didn’t care about offending them. However, now authorities say that he is facing a life sentence from the judge — all because of the simple thing he did with some bacon.

If you ask any Muslim in America, perceived Islamophobia is their biggest concern. Forget about Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they shoot up military bases or Christmas parties. Muslim in the U.S. have bigger worries like pork products in their midst.

Florida Today reports that 35-year-old Michael Wolfe is facing life in prison for what judges are calling a hate crime. On New Year’s Eve, Wolfe drove to the Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosue in Titusville where he dropped raw bacon near the front door. After slashing with a machete at the windows of the unoccupied mosque, Wolfe drove away, never suspecting that his life would forever change.

Florida Man Faces LIFE In Prison For Thing He Did With Bacon Around Muslims

However, the left is cracking down on Islamophobia Islamofauxbia, so they’re going to make a brutal example of Wolfe that Muslims are a special protected minority.

According to WKMG Orlando, authorities have charged Wolfe with a hate crime, armed burglary, and criminal mischief of a place of worship, upping the possible sentence to life. Of course, Wolfe could avoid a life sentence through a plea deal, but there’s no telling what the judge’s decision will be.

Still, Wolfe has been charged with a hate crime for defiling a mosque while no one was there, and yet Muslims terrorize and threaten non-Muslims everyday and not a word is said about that being a hate crime.

When Muslims killed 14 in San Bernardino, it wasn’t called a hate crime, although they specifically targeted their victims because of their non-Muslim status.

When Alton Nolen uttered Islamic expressions as he beheaded a Christian grandmother in his Oklahoma workplace, even the mainstream media refused to refer to it as a hate crime.

When Major Nidal Malik Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar” while shooting and killing 13 people at Fort Hood, the government did not call it a hate crime.

US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz said that the Boston Marathon bombing wasn’t a “religious crime,” much less a hate crime. However, even she had to admit that the bombers stated they were “acting on behalf of all Muslims” to kill unbelievers.

Making up less than 2 percent, Muslims in the U.S. certainly seem to have a monopoly on the term “hate crime.” However, as many apologists might argue, it has nothing to do with incessant hatred and violence towards Muslims. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

According to the FBI, only 13.7 percent of hate crimes compiled during 2013 were because of anti-Islam bias. Of course, we now know that this includes bogus offenses like bacon or pulling off a woman’s hijab. Over 60 percent of anti-religious hate crimes victims are actually Jewish, even though they only make up little more than 2 percent of the U.S. population.

We have a one-sided, politically correct movement happening across the world. Muslims are able to rape, persecute, and slaughter without fear of having a life sentence. However, if one non-Muslim decides to irk Muslims with raw bacon on their doorstep, they must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. If the victims were not Muslim, this crime would’ve warranted far less of a sentence. It’s only a matter of time before we are arrested for even criticizing Islam, simply because Muslims are against it.

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