Police in McMinnville, Oregon, released graphic dashboard camera footage on Monday showing the deadly officer-involved shooting of a suspect outside a 7-Eleven last month. Family members have argued that the suspect, identified as Juventino Bermudez Arenas, had his hands up and intended to surrender, but police claim the video proves officers faced a “lethal threat.”

However, when police confronted the suspect, he was still clutching a knife in his hand and appeared “agitated.”

Officers can be heard in the video ordering the suspect to drop the knife. In my opinion, it seems the victim is trying to communicate in a way he is not understood. Three police officers then opened fire, firing a total of 15 bullets and fatally wounding the suspect.

Watch the footage below — the deadly confrontation begins at around 6:45

The suspect just stabbed another man, that ended up dying. He appears back at the scene, with his weapon he used previously, still in his hand. He does not drop the knife, and get on the ground. If his family knew he just committed this crime, why did they not take the knife from him and call the police so he could “turn himself in?

Watch the YouTube Video Here 

Why didn’t any of his family call the police and say, he is on his way back to the 7-11 to turn himself in?

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