Man Wielding Knife Lunges At Police, Gets SMOKED, BLM Thugs Claim Racism (VIDEO)


This is what we do. For all those people that continue to run their mouths telling Cops how to do their jobs… let us put them in the place of a police officer. Then put a crazy man with a knife in front of them.

When he lunges at them…let’s see what they choose to do.

In this video you hear all sorts of bystanders screaming that the police officers should have used a taser.


There is a CRAZY MAN lunging at you with a knife. You’re really going to use a taser and ‘hope’ you don’t miss? Or hope that it takes down a CRAZY MAN!? If you do…that’s it. No second chances, because you’ll be too busy being DEAD. Or maybe not…but is it worth that risk?

Please, let us know how you would like us to explain that to your wife and kids at home, and your parents who never wanted to outlive their own child.

Would it sound something like this?

Sorry, family… I just wanted to give the crazy man with a knife the benefit of the doubt. Yes, he was threatening. Yes he was suicidal, and yes he was lunging at me with that big knife. I just still felt like shooting him was over excessive and it was worth risking my life and your future happiness for. Forgive me for all the heartache, and hardships this is going to cause you… sorry I chose him over you.

I don’t think anyone is more obnoxious than the people that think they can tell a Police Officer how to do their job. They have NO IDEA the kind of sacrifices that are made, and selfless acts that take place all to protect and serve the very assholes who are making their job absolutely unbearable.

It’s asinine!

Don’t take my word for it though. You can see it right here for yourself.

Facing a suicidal man who holding a knife to his own throat, California cops said they had no choice but to shoot him dead. After all, Santa Maria police said they had exhausted all nonlethal means during 30 minutes of negotiations with the 31-year-old man, which was when they shot him multiple times in front of dozens of witnesses, including one man who was recording.

Here’s the truth.

There is no way to guarantee your safety if you are acting a fool. If there is a weapon in your hand, you are a threat.

Expecting Police Officers to be mind readers is just effing stupid.

You want to live? Don’t be stupid, go off your meds when you’re crazy, or act like you can wave a weapon around without consequence.


Yes, Police Officers are trained professionals, but that does not make them bullet proof or knife resistant. COME ON! The 2nd Amendment does not apply to every American EXCEPT Police Officers…

But, the truth is, we’ll never be able to rid ourselves of ‘stupid’ on this topic. What we can do however, is have no shame in supporting our men and women in blue.

BLM is out for blood, and they will get it by any means possible…

Our job as Americans is to stand for what is right and back the blue. Let them know you support them any chance you get. Give them something to fight for! We can’t expect them to risk their lives and the happiness of their families everyday and let them be bullied and hunted by BLM at the same time.