Daniel Lee Rosales, 21, has recently been sentenced for stealing money from U.S. Army Soldiers. He was faking an identity as a Fort Hood soldier and had been targeting new Army enlistees for his bank loan scam.

He was sentenced to two years in federal prison. According to Military:

“He posed as a Sergeant in the First Cavalry Unit at Fort Hood to befriend new Army enlistees and encourage them to apply for signature loans at area banks in order to build up their credit.”

The fraudulent applications were filled out in 2013. Since the soldiers who were filling out the applications believed Rosales to be legitimate, they had no idea they were being scammed. He posed as a Sergeant to easily gain their trust and then encouraged them to follow through with the loan process.

To further betray these soldier’s trust, Rosales would instruct the enlistees to falsify their residential and marital information in order to secure bigger loan amounts.

Kxan reported:

“Prosecutors say the real soldiers, after getting the funds, turned over most of the money to Rosales for what he called ‘safekeeping’.”

Not only does Rosales need to repay the victims more than $28,000 and follow through with his two-year prison term, he is to be placed on supervised release for five years after his prison sentence is completed.

It is a shame that our brave soldiers need to worry about people like Rosales scamming them. Let us know how you feel about this despicable act and if you think his prison sentence should suffice for his actions towards our soldiers.


Courtesy of Mad World News

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