Man Teaches His Nephew a BRUTAL Lesson After Hearing He Robbed People’s Homes (VIDEO)


Well, let’s put aside for the moment that I can’t really understand a word this guy is yelling at this kid. The only words I really did understand were the ‘N’ word and the profanity. Evidently the kid is this guy’s nephew and he decided to teach him a lesson after hearing he was robbing people’s homes – a rough one. I get that… although I would have done it much differently. And the part where it’s his neighborhood and everyone goes through him, makes the uncle sound like a gang banger.

If the kid was robbing people, he gets no sympathy from me for his uncle roughing him up. I do think there are better ways to go about it than the posturing, alpha male bit, but hey… to each his own. He seemed to get through to the kid and care about him regardless of how angry he was at him.

From Right Wing News:

This isn’t a video for people that think spanking a kid is child abuse. Nor is it a video for people that think discipline is sending your disobedient child to timeout to ‘think over their bad decisions’. No, this is for people that understand that when kids make bad choices, they need to deal with the consequences…

I have never considered spanking child abuse. I’m a firm believer in a good old fashioned spanking when it’s called for. Punching however… that is over the line and pretty brutal. Almost tribal here. But for those that think any kind of physical discipline is child abuse, you do your children no favors whatsoever. Your children need their parents, not another buddy.

Timeouts won’t stop a kid from robbing people. It takes serious consequences to deter someone from doing that again… that’s what happened here for better or for worse. Inner city kids are prone to more violent behavior and they are often encouraged to do it. This uncle is trying to keep the kid from going totally off the rails here. Two body slams and a beating later, I think the kid got the message.

Although it seems like rough punishment, the uncle may have done his nephew a big favor by teaching him a lesson here. One that may keep him out of prison and alive. One of those house he breaks into might have an armed owner waiting for him and no second chance forthcoming.

Warning – Graphic Language:

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