MUST WATCH: Man Speaks Truth About What Black Lives Matter Has Done To DESTROY Milwaukee

A video was recently posted to Fox 6 Milwaukee on their Facebook page. It was Brad Hicks who posted the video. Hicks interviewed Quinlan Bishop, a young African American man. Bishop was amidst the chaos of the Milwaukee riots and protests. Bishop expressed a surprising opinion that many would be shocked by.

He spoke out against the rioters and their actions.

Bishop said,

I’ve been watching it unfold. Been here recording on my phone ever since then, and just giving my opinion of what I’ve been seeing.”

Hicks asked,

And what’s your opinion of what you’ve been seeing? 

Bishop responded,

A lot of the destruction I’ve been seeing, I feel like, people are doing it to themselves, and they’re making the wrong choices.”

Hicks responded back,

There is a lot of anger out there.”

Bishop gave an articulate and well spoken response,

I can understand a lot of anger is out there. I can understand a lot of things are happening, but people have to understand that we have choices when it comes down to certain things that are actually happening, and we’re making the wrong ones.”

This is an amazing video that should go viral but due to the mainstream media that unfortunately doesn’t happen. It would be nice if more people like Quinlan Bishop, especially from the African American community, spoke out about similar feelings. Because when it comes from white people it is not taken as seriously. When the voice comes within the community it is amplified tenfold.

Watch the video below,

Hopefully more and more people from the community continue to speak out against this raucous rioting that is destroying the city. Violence begets violence and nothing good will come of anything if this behavior and rioting continues.

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